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Do you want to play with fire?

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It's that time, to teach classes at Emerge Pitt County Council of the Arts at the end of the month.  I really do love teaching these small classes, I learn so much and so do my students.

In the session I taught two years ago several of my students took it to the next level with their pieces.  One of the best parts of taking a jewelry/metals class, as well as teaching, is that making objects trains your brain to think in new ways.  You are actively challenging yourself to figure out how parts can go together and which way of connecting them makes the most sense.

 My friend Carrie sanding her piece. 

My friend Carrie sanding her piece. 

 These are all made by Caroline Hedgepeth in my class from 2016.

These are all made by Caroline Hedgepeth in my class from 2016.

In the pieces Caroline made, especially the enameled pendant on the left, she made two pieces and tube riveted them together (or that is the plan).  She wanted the texture of the piercing to overlay the splatter enamel she did. 

Even if you don't feel like you have a creative bone in your body (which in fact we all do) you will still love working with metal and making jewelry.  It's so much!

Sooooo, here's my pitch. If you live in the Greenville (Pitt county) area and want to learn jewelry making or take your jewelry to the next level - take my class! It's every Wednesday night, 6-8:30pm at Emerge Pitt County Council for the Arts.

As always, thank you for reading and stay lovely!

How divination is healing and restorative

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Many, many years ago, about fifteen years ago, I began playing with tarot cards, runes and several other forms of divination.  At the time I was at a cross roads in my life, I had graduated from college and moved into my parents basement.  I needed some direction, a sign to show me - this is it, this is where you are and what you're going through and tarot cards provided a visual representation with symbols of patterns in my life.

 bone divination.  Photo from  Love by the Moon blog .

bone divination.  Photo from Love by the Moon blog.

And I believe firmly that divining answers using tools, whether it be runes, tarot, tea reading, palm reading provide a physical way to show what is going on in your life that you may be ignoring, neglecting or need to address.  Generally most of us know intuitively where we need to go but as humans, we don't want to acknowledge the painful or difficult or even obvious. 

 My tarot keepsake box made by Stone and Violet.  My runes, Skullgarden tarot deck and gemstones. 

My tarot keepsake box made by Stone and Violet.  My runes, Skullgarden tarot deck and gemstones. 

With tarot you are able to call upon a symbolic image to provide you with a path to investigate and grow.  I also believe the simple act of taking time out of your day to reflect on your current situation is often what we need most.  In our day and age of oversharing and giving so much of our lives to technology we neglect our inner teacher and voice.  

A great Awakening has begun. People around the world are opening their eyes to their own spiritual natures. They are beginning to see who they truly are and what they have always been beings with an eternal past and a glorious future.
— Betty Eadie

What is most important is to give yourself space to reflect and listen.  And specifically with tarot you want to sit with the cards, look at patterns and see how they connect.  Here is a small list of some of my favorite tarot decks and methods of divining. 

1.  The Rider Waite Tarot deck:  It's the all classic, tried and true tarot deck that many of us begin our practice.  It's direct and fairly straight forward. 

2.  Runes - not only are the runes a form of divination but also as language, the Germanic people created runes as a way to communicate enchantments and messages to each other on stone, wood and religious objects.   I don't often use my runes however that they are fantastic way to study larger life meanings and themes.  

3.  A simple yes or no will do:  I have a special stone that I use  to give me an a yes or no answer, using a map either with paper or cloth the left is no the right is.  I hold my pendulum, quiet the mind and ask my question. 

 Divination cloth used for basic questions.  I used this when I was curious what Tallulah's sign would be. 

Divination cloth used for basic questions.  I used this when I was curious what Tallulah's sign would be. 

What you gain from reading cards or simply sitting and reflecting is a sense of awareness and perhaps resolve to change and grow.  One of my goals for this year and the future is to dedicate quiet time, be aware and in the moment and to also use specific tools such as the new jewelry I've been making for ritual objects.  Necklaces specifically offer a fantastic way to carry with you intention.  Think about it as a rosary, just as Catholics and Buddhists use beads to count prayers so too can you use a necklace to call upon intention.   ritual use, to wear for certain. 

I believe humanity is going back to the old ways, reaching back to ground us in the now.  Divination is showing a big resurgence and it's no coincidence.   Even if you don't necessarily believe or have confidence that what you're doing is the correct way, it really doesn't matter as long as your intentions are true. 

 Ritual and divination jewelry. 

Ritual and divination jewelry. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and give tarot a try, it's fun and relaxing - plus the images on tarot decks are simply beautiful works of art.  You can shop for tarot cards at my favorite NC shop - Everyday Magic

Don't forget that Eilisain Jewelry makes the perfect accompaniment to your tarot divining and also for the stone magic it brings!

Valentine's Day Gift guide

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All commercialism aside, I love celebrating Valentine's Day, y'know why? Cause I'm a lover, I enjoy connecting with people and showing people with gifts and memories how much I love them.  And we've come to a point in culture where we recognize that it doesn't have to be romantic love to celebrate on Vday, it's your bestie, your Aunt or Uncle or your work wife/husband!

So with that said I have a fun and affordable gift guide for you this year.  And I can attest that each of these makers are ones that I support.

I was unable to provide a link in each image so here they are:

Immortal Mountain chocolates

Blue Earth Curio Embroidery

Watercolor moon print

Hibernation recharging mode

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Are ya'll done with winter yet? I bet many of you are but I can't help but feel grateful for this time that keeps us all inside!

 A print of a bear on lace, I did this for my screenprinting class at ECU in 2011.

A print of a bear on lace, I did this for my screenprinting class at ECU in 2011.

Just as a grizzly bear goes into 'torpor' sleeping through the winter, many of us use this dark and cold time to work on projects and inner self.  I've been studying tarot again (I initially began tarot over 15 years ago), working on home projects such as purging and cleaning up my studio and eating healthy.  It's been good to get myself organized and back on a schedule.

It's what we can learn from a totem animal such as a bear.  it amazes me that such a large animal is a fast runner?! It's one of those characteristics and strengths of a bear that we can use for ourselves.  Storing up our energy, and preparing for the spring and summer.   Other animals that utilize the wintertime are snakes.  They also hibernate and go underground. 

 My first photoshoot shot by Sim Asher. 

My first photoshoot shot by Sim Asher. 

The bear claw charm that I cast is a smaller bear claw that came from one found in eastern North Carolina.  I find it comforting and symbolic of winter. 

So take ease, enjoy this time and think on the bear when you feel fed up with winter!

It's a clean slate

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I'm so pumped for this year, it is one of the reasons why I love to the start to the New year, beginning anew. 

Maybe it's because I'm coming off from a relaxed time at my parents house this past weekend during New Years or that I've got new stones in the studio to play with.  Either way, I'm ready to take on this year with new projects, goals and plans. 

 Goofing around in my studio during my shoot with Aileen.

Goofing around in my studio during my shoot with Aileen.

Albeit even with a sweet almost-toddler, she's now 9 months old! I know deep down that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to, it just takes careful crafting of time and balance.

Some of my plans for this year I want to share with you. 

  1. Create a new collection! Hint, hint if you've seen some of the new pieces I've been posting on instagram with the Ondine element you'll see where I'm headed.
  2. Create a program for YOU to recycle your old metal (aka silver and gold - no bronze tho) that way we can recycle and reuse.  still working on this but stay tuned.
  3. Share more stone magic with you and how to incorporate your jewelry not just in your outfit but in ritual and mindfulness.
  4. Streamline my in studio processes, so that I'm more efficient and spend less time on repetitive tasks.
My biggest goal is to make it easier and more informative for you to shop on Eilisain Jewelry. I want you to be involved in the experience and it be customized to you!
Trunk Show49.jpg

Every year I learn so much about how I want to run my business and where I want it to go, and what I've learned mainly from 2017 is that cultivating relationships with my customers/friends creates such a happy and positive experience for both myself and you.   Especially with those that are local. 

As always thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more!

It's the month of EVENTS

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Are you as inundated with holiday events and parties as I am??! Goodness, seems like every weekend there is something fun to do. 

Let me just add more to your plate, but truly it's options.  Let me preface that several weeks ago I went to Charlotte to sell at the Vintage Charlotte show and I had SO much fun! There were lively people, music, delicious food and most of all  - fabulous vintage and and handmade goods!


Thus I am excited to share with you another opportunity for you to purchase more incredible local and handmade gifts.  Vintage Charlotte Pop, December 8-21st, a pop up shop organized by Amy Herman (organizer of Vintage Charlotte).  I sent a load of my cat claw earrings, the badger claw necklace and several other popular hunted and talon pieces.


Soooooo if you live in the Charlotte, NC area please go and support local and handmade.  I can NOT stress it enough how much of an impact and financial boost shopping local is for our state economy.  You are putting money in your neighbors pockets and that is huge. 

As always thank you for reading and if you are in the mood now.... you can do some last minute shopping.  My last day for holiday orders is Friday, December 8th. 

The Holiday gift guide is here!

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I'm seriously baffled at how quickly the holidays arrived....AND that it's time to get those holiday gifts.

I put together a short and sweet guide of some of my best sellers and new pieces to add to your holiday gift inventory. 

Some other very important dates to remember this upcoming Thanksgiving week:

Black Friday - November 24th - ONE DAY ONLY - 40% off EVERYTHING.  But you've got to be on my email list to get the code.
Small Business Saturday or CATurday - FREE pair of bronze cat claw earrings with any purchase over $100.  These make purrrfect stocking stuffers.
Cyber Monday - FREE Eilisain Jewelry stamped polishing cloth with any online order (trust me, you'll want a polishing cloth for all your jewelry)

One last thing - THANK YOU for shopping handmade and local this holiday season, you are pretty much helping your neighbor and community.  More revenue goes back into your hometown with dollars that are spent on local business. 

Five holiday tips for purchasing jewelry as a gift

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Can you believe it, the holidays are nearly here, in my head they are already here! I'm in holiday show prep mode but I'm also thinking - I've got to get my holiday gifts in order.


With that said, I'm sure you're also planning gifts and we all need a bit of help and advice when it comes to jewelry especially as a gift.  So here are my tips for purchasing for a loved one.

1.  When in doubt, buy a necklace - Why? Because you don't need any sort of measurements (except for maybe chain length) but really a necklace is super easy and one that most people love.

2.  Observe what kind of metal they like - Some people are strictly gold or silver and some love both.  Pay attention to what they wear on a daily basis then pick your metal.

3.   Order three to four weeks ahead of the holidays - As you know we're all in prep mode so it can take a bit longer to get your orders out the door and in your loved ones hands.

4.   Gems catch the eye - Who doesn't love bling? If you can purchase a piece with some stones or ones that are their birthstone, this is usually a big hit with women.

5.    Know the gift receipts and exchange policies - Most jewelers do not offer returns, especially small business BUT you can usually get a gift receipt or exchange receipt just in case your recipient isn't completely happy.

I hope these tips help you this holiday season and if you have any questions or additional tips - let me know!

And here's your chance to get some holiday shopping done now - click the button below.

Queen of Autumn

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If you've followed me over the years you know that I truly enjoy working with other artists and partnering with other creatives in my community.  I've long been an admirer of Madalyn McLeod's illustrations.  We were both in the art and design program at East Carolina University years ago and I've been following her journey as a budding artists and finally I reached out to her to create a fantastic autumn gift package.

Queen of Autumn.jpg

And it was so timely that I recently created a new ring from a tree branch (and perhaps more tree pieces to come).  Thus I'm excited to release....on Samhain my our Autumn gift package! When you purchase the Dryad ring, a sterling silver ring with two orange topaz gemstones (2mm) which is $185 you get a signed print copy of the Queen of Autumn by Madalyn McLeod!

The Dryad ring came about from a special commission for two very good friends of mine who recently got married, they wanted rings that were nature inspired and to be honest, I've mostly stayed away from pieces that are cast from twigs, nuts or branches because I felt they were too 'done'.  As in, popular however I've come around to the fact that whenever I create new pieces, they will always have my signature stamp and aesthetic.  So I felt drawn to create more branch inspired pieces, plus I've been so consumed with growing my own herbs and truly connecting with herbalism and growing things. 

They pair SO so perfectly, plus this is a great collectable piece and one that works well for your gallery wall or a gift for the holidays. 

twig ring.jpg

Mark your calendars - this beautiful combination will be released in one week, on Samhain - All Hallows Eve - Halloween. 

Thank you for reading....stay posted friends!

 I could so see the Queen of Autumn wearing the Dryad ring, the orange topaz is perfect with her dress. 

I could so see the Queen of Autumn wearing the Dryad ring, the orange topaz is perfect with her dress. 

Dia de Los Muertos exhibition - Love in the time of Cholera theme

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When you think about the year and how the months of May and October mirror twilight - that in between time of magic, the point where light and dark meet - it is so absolutely beautiful.  You also begin to see how both these times of year celebrate life and death.  May is the conception and October is the finality of life.   So here we are at October, where we look into the dark and honor the lives of those past.  Dia de los Muertos has always been one of my favorite days because it celebrates the way the Spanish honor the dead and celebrate in the only way Spanish people do - with vibrancy, music, food and reverence.  I was invited to submit a one of a kind piece for the annual exhibition at Equinox Gallery in San Antonio and I was really excited with this invitation because it'd been awhile since I'd created a statement piece. 

Cat bone necklace.jpg

Of course I had to go back to one of my skulls, specifically the cat skull my mother gave me awhile back.  And I used the bird bones as the necklace part as well as the cat jaw bone to adorn the necklace.  I really wanted this piece to evoke awe and wonder at bones themselves and how they celebrate the dead by giving new life as adornment.  I also used labradorite as the third eye piece, seeing into the soul and having far-sightedness into the future.  

It really is an honor to submit this piece to the exhibition and if you are in the San Antonio area I hope you visit Equinox and see the exhibition and wonderful events they are hosting for this special celebration. 


Steadfast Supply - new stockist in DC

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As ya'll may know or not know I have so much love for Washington DC.  I worked in the DC advocacy field before I became a jeweler and it's also where I consider home as it's where I spent most of my high school years - mainly in the suburbs of DC. 

 I love the industrial look of Steadfast Supply.

I love the industrial look of Steadfast Supply.

DC is one of those cities that you can never get enough of - there is so much ART, history, culture and love for diversity.  I really, really miss all of that and so I am incredibly happy to say that Eilisain is back in it's home city and at Steadfast Supply, a super cool and edgy new boutique that supports the handmade culture as well as providing fun workshops for others to get in on the handmade fun.  

And it's no surprise to me that Steadfast began as a concept by Virginia Arrisuenos of DeNada Design.  She's been part of the DC art and community scene for a long time and has been a champion for emerging designers and artists.  And t hat's the main focus of Steadfast to introduce small handmade business to the public, connect designers with curators and the community at large serving as an incubator. 

 The Steadfast Supply crew.   That's Virginia, fourth from the left next to her husband (a mural artist).

The Steadfast Supply crew.   That's Virginia, fourth from the left next to her husband (a mural artist).

In this age of mass production, it is SO refreshing to find places like Steadfast that work very hard to support entrepreneurs and business' that are creating products that are locally and ethically sourced.  We need more of that in our world.  So I hope that if you're in the DC area to visit Steadfast Supply - and bonus you'll love their location - in the heart of the Yards "The neighborhood is home to some of DC’s most innovative luxury residences, specialty retailers, and restaurants. The Yards features an award winning park, providing".

As always thank you for poppin' by the ole blog and stay tuned for more!

Maiden, Mother and Crone - and what you can learn from each archetype

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As a mother I've entered a completely new and life altering stage in my life and it didn't really dawn on me until I reflected on the fact that I have a new title.  And I also reflected that my own mother is in the crone stage.  Several of my friends are in the mother stage as well despite not having biological children they are very maternal and I look to them for guidance.

 The maiden, Brigid, young, alive and naive.  Photo by Aileen Devlin.

The maiden, Brigid, young, alive and naive.  Photo by Aileen Devlin.

This really had the wheels in my head turning when thinking how many of us can benefit from understanding these roles and how throughout our entire lives we need the wisdom and lessons from each archetype.  And especially as women we're often pigeonholed to remain static - that you shouldn't have long hair when you're older, or it's not proper to have gray hair when you're younger etc.  

So let's go over what each of these roles mean and the lessons we learn in each of them.

Maiden: By word association we can go by - youth, enchantment, excitement, carefree and erotic.  She is represented in several mythologies in the Greek myths she's Persephone - purity - and a representation of new beginnings. Other maiden goddesses include: Brigid, Nimue, among others. 
What we learn from the Maiden - When we are weary, over worked or the feeling of disparity enter our minds we can remind ourselves that everyday is a new beginning, every year we can start over and allow the maiden mind frame to give us the time to wipe the slate clean.  In addition, there is a strength in being naive and unburdened by the toils of life.  You look at life with a new perspective.  This is what I love about my younger girlfriends, their zest for life!

Mother: She is the caregiver, nurturer, loving, ripeness, fertility, fulfillment, stability, and power.  The Mother Goddess in Greek mythology is Demeter, representing wellspring of life, giving and compassionate. Other mother goddesses include: Aa, Ambika, Ceres, Astarte, Lakshmi.
What we learn from the Mother aspect:  To nurture and care for a project, another life, even our animal and plant babies we find that we learn so much in ourselves.  A sense of passing on wisdom, education, pride and fulfillment.  We also learn a great deal of patience and the lesson of giving immensely.  Oh and one major aspect is protectiveness and a very fierce love.

Crone:  Wisdom, clarity, insight, repose, compassion and knowledge.  The Crone in Greek mythology is Hecate - wise, knowing, a culmination of a lifetime of experience. Crone goddesses include: Hel, Maman Brigitte, Oya, Sedna, Skuld, and others.
What we learn from the Crone aspect:  What I find most insightful from the Crone is letting go, that death is only the beginning and we must embrace the change and pain.  And she is often what we do not want to confront and accept.  We only gain wisdom through our experiences whether they be good or bad.  I'd also say that I ADORE the crones in my life, the women that teach me how to love myself and how to take time and learn. 

 We receive so many blessings from each aspect of the trinity. 

We receive so many blessings from each aspect of the trinity. 


I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it gives you pause for thought in the areas of your life that the triple goddess can guide and assist you. 

More thoughts on the triple goddess:

These aspects may also represent the cycle of birth, life and death (and rebirth). Neopagans believe that this goddess is the personification of all women everywhere.

Followers of the Wiccan, Dianic, and Neopagan religions, as well as some archeologists and mythographers, believe that long before the coming of the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Triple Goddess embodied the three-fold aspect of Gaia, the Earth Mother (Roman Magna Mater). A mother goddess was worshipped under a variety of names not only in the Ancient Near East and the Aegean and Anatolia, but also in pre-Islamic Arabia.

Neopagans also claim historical antecedent for their beliefs, holding that in Old Europe, in the Aegean world, and in the most ancient Near East, the Triple Goddess preceded the coming of nomadic speakers of Indo-European languages.

In South Arabia the moon-god Hubal was accompanied by the three goddesses: Uzza the youngest, Al-Lat "The Goddess" and Manat the Crone, the three cranes.

Wiccans often work with the Goddess in her triple form but may sometimes look at a particular goddess as Maiden, Mother and Crone even when there is no historical proof of this. An example of this would be the goddess Hecate, who was originally depicted as three maidens when in triplicate or as an old woman by herself in later times. Another example is the goddess Morrigan.

Another cross-cultural archetype is the three goddesses of Fate. In Greek Mythology they are the Moirai; in Norse mythology they are the Norns. The Weird Sisters of Shakespeare's Macbeth and Wyrd Sisters of Terry Pratchett's novel of the same name are believed to be inspired by these Fates. The three supernatural female figures called variously the Ladies, Mother of the Camenae, the Kindly Ones, and a number of other different names in The Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman play self-consciously on both the triple Fates and the Maiden-Mother-Crone goddess archetypes." -via Crystalinks