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The power of three

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Just as there has been much studied about color therapy and crystal healing there is also quite a bit of research and studies on numerology.  As they say, math is the universal language.  And one of my favorite numbers is three.  Especially when it comes to design and jewelry pieces. 

This post will cover two things - my special Mother's Day offers as well as some information on the number three.  As you can imagine, this is a special Mother's day for me because it'll be my first celebrating as a mother which is why I'm very excited to announce THREE special Mothers Day offers to you!

But before I get into the offers, let's discuss why there is power in threes.  First of all for religious purposes, three is a divine number.  It represents the trinity - regardless of what religion you practice there is the mind, body and soul or father, son and holy ghost along with light, energy and mass.  The triangle touches upon this symmetry of threes - it is a statement about relationship and balance.  Three remembers the one.  For example the Borromean Rings, named for the appearance on the crest of the Borromeo family of the Italian Renaissance.  It's when three rings are interlocked and when you gaze upon them it appears as though each ring is interconnected to the other and not separate from itself.  It takes all three interlocking simultaneously to become unified. 

As you can see three has a magic and symmetry to it, which is why I love using it in my jewelry designs.  Which leads me to my three special Mother's Day offers!

For all orders of $200 and over, you will get an air plant! I've been going a bit mad over creating terrariums and air plant arrangements so I want to share them with you.  You'll get a small hanging air plant with a gorgeous color pink or purple moss. 

*Note the air plant gift will not look like this one but have an air plant and moss in crystal vase.

*Note the air plant gift will not look like this one but have an air plant and moss in crystal vase.

For all orders of $100 and over, I'm continuing the offer of the Empress of Herbs Ostara roll on oil.  I still have several left in stock and can always order more.  This is a great mini gift to give to the mother in your life.

For all order of $50 and over, you will receive a beautiful quartz crystal point to add or begin your crystal collection. 

And for those of you that live in the Eastern NC area - don't forget I'm having a special Mother's Day Trunk show at Moxie Pop on Friday May 12th 5-7pm.  You'll get to eat light snacks and wine and purchase one of a kind jewelry!

These special offers begin now and continue through Mother's Day - so get your SHOP ON!

5 ways you can celebrate Earth Day everyday

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As ya'll know I'm a big environmentalist and lover of animals and protecting their habitat so it's no surprise that I'd give you a blog post on Earth Day.

I don't think there's ever been a more urgent time or call to action to do more to protect Mother Earth - the current administration is removing protections to sacred lands and animals everyday.  So with that said, I wanted to share some super easy ways you can help reduce waste, recycle and reuse everyday!

1.  Use your own shopping bags - This one is a no brainer and super easy to do.  Keep several large shopping bags in your car and take them with you when you shop.  I probably have 5-6 in my truck, from small to large.

2.  Refuse a straw - Okay, this one has been a bit hard for me to do but I find I'm resisting straws more often now.  You'd be amazed how this small item has directly impacted animals in the ocean to land fills.  Granted I understand it'd be harder to do this when ordering from drive thru but every little bit helps.

3.  Purchase products with less packaging - This is one that I've become more aware of.  Think about it, why is there a need for tons of wrappers and plastic? For example, panty liners (lol I know a bit personal) but why do they need to be individually wrapped, or tampons too. 

4.  RECYCLE and REUSE - another no brainer, set aside a special recycle bin in your household.  And if your neighborhood doesn't collect recycling find your own center to recycle.
And reusing take out containers, bags and more helps save you money and time.  We love using old chinese take out containers for left overs.

5.  Buy less - So this is a win-win situation, buy less 'fast fashion', make up products etc.  And repair old items, buy items that are long lasting and well made.  Think of them as investment pieces.  You'll save money and cherish your items more. 

Photo by Katerina Plotnikova. 

Photo by Katerina Plotnikova. 

So if anything, try as much as you can to be conscious of your shopping and lifestyle habits that impact the earth.  For as much as our planet gives us, we can give back.

Thanks for reading!

Succulent time!

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Along with my new interest in essential oils and herbal care and medicine I'm also going a bit nuts for succulents and building lil terrariums.  Maybe it's part of becoming a mom or that I now have quite a bit of space to garden or that I'm becoming such a homebody but somehow I've gained more interests in caring for plants and tending to a garden.

A terrarium I made for my girlfriend.  I loved using an air plant with a splash of coral color.  The glass case is from TJ Maxx. 

A terrarium I made for my girlfriend.  I loved using an air plant with a splash of coral color.  The glass case is from TJ Maxx. 

Thus I wanted to share with you some new tips I've gleaned along the way as well as places to get your accoutrements for your terrarium garden.

1. Plant and See Nursery, Greenville, NC - If you live in my area you will definitely want to visit Plant and See if you haven't been there already.  They have a very large assortment of plants, statues, herbs and all things green! Now if you don't live in the Eastern NC area you'll want to find your local Garden shop versus the usual big box stores.  As I always urge you, go LOCAL.

2.  Glass containers and displays for terrariums - I'm going to admit I'm guilty and I went to TJ Maxx for a glass container HOWEVER, you can usually find super affordable containers at Goodwill, Salvation Army OR even use old vases to build up a terrarium.  I've done this before and it works perfectly to display your mini-plant universe.

3.  Terrarium Accessories - This one is super easy.  You can use medium sized stones, coral, sea shells, geodes etc. or even little people or houses you can get at your local craft store.  I was very excited to use purple moss (purple power friends!) or use any other moss you find or purchase.

My personal terrarium with special sea urchin shells from the Outer Banks. 

My personal terrarium with special sea urchin shells from the Outer Banks. 

4.  How to care for your terrarium and succulents - My friend gave me the advice to soak your air plants and some succulents in water for a good 20 mins and then let air dry twice a week.  You may want to clean out your glass case every couple of weeks.  Store your air terrarium in a cool yet temperate place near a window or where it will receive moderate sunlight.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you enjoy plant life, they say it eases stress and makes people happy when you have plants around and I believe it!

The nesting period is over

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I'd be remiss if I didn't elaborate more on my pregnancy; despite being my own boss I still answer to someone and that's you!  With that said, I'm due any moment now and I'm quite thrilled, nervous, scared and ready.   And I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and plans on this new phase in my life. 

Tallulah's room.  I had such a fun time decorating it.

Tallulah's room.  I had such a fun time decorating it.

As an artist and jeweler I create for a living but now I'm creating something that will be my most precious treasure and it will change everything.  The most beneficial part of being my own boss is that I work from home (most of the time) and I'm so incredibly blessed and thankful for that, I'll be able care for Tallulah and have the flexibility to work in my home studio.  Yet it'll be a balance of juggling home life and work life all in the same space. 

What changes can you expect with your Eilisain Jewelry orders?
I'm taking three weeks of 'maternity leave' - it won't be official as business never really stops but I will be more removed from social media posts and marketing.
With that said, it will take me a bit longer to respond to inquiries and direct messages, perhaps 2-3 days.
I will of course continue to take your orders, as I've already prepared stock inventory and new one of a kind pieces ready to ship.  It may take a bit longer though for select pieces of jewelry.  And as you know I'll communicate with you the timeline of your order.

Leading up to the pregnancy it's definitely been a bit of struggle using my hands, which I didn't think would be an issue.  No one really talks about the bloated and swelling feeling you can get in the latter stages of pregnancy.  As well as being constantly tired.  It's been frustrating as I'm used to being able to run around and get things done.  

I think I was about 30 weeks pregnant in this photo. 

I think I was about 30 weeks pregnant in this photo. 

It's a strange feeling carrying another life in your body and feeling the movements.  It'll be strange when she's actually born to meet someone that has been in the womb for nine months.  I've been reading as many books as I can get my hands on, reread them and imagined what it'll be like holding her and as you'd imagine, it probably won't compare to the real thing.  I've compared it to taking a test or preparing for a marathon, you can train and study all you want but you won't know the experience until you actually have it.

Anywho, I wanted to share with you a little bit of what I've been going through personally.  And those of you that do know, thank you so much for your constant support and generosity - it has meant SO much!

As always thank you for reading. 

Guest Blog Post - Essential Oils by Empress Herbs

Lisette Fee

I'm super excited to give ya'll my first guest post by Rochelle Eisenberger - owner and maker behind the Empress Herbs.  I met Rochelle in January during a visit to my fav Durham shop, Everyday Magic.  Rochelle has her own apothecary and oil station set up in the store and it's AMAZING!  We got to talking about oils for sleep aid - as y'know I'm pregnant and struggle with a good nights rest.  Rochelle was super helpful in explaining oils to me and breaking down how they work.  Thus, I felt that many of you would LOVE to know more about essential oils and how they can help you everyday. 

AND not just that but Rochelle and I are collaborating to provide you with a very special Spring Equinox gift package available to you this week, on March 13th!

In preparation we wanted to give you a rundown on essential oils.  Until then enjoy Rochelle's Essential Oils 101 guide provided below.

Essential Oils Everyday

Essential oils are all over the interweb these days, each oil purported to have a healing superpowers that seems amazing. In truth, they are! They are also super concentrated plant essences and need to be used carefully. Essential oils can help clean, purify, and disinfect your home as well as lift your mood or help you go to sleep. First, we’ll cover what essential oils are and how they’re produced. Then we’ll look at some guidelines for purchasing, and finally I’ll share some of my favorite oils and their uses around the home.

Essential oils are the powerful, pure essence of a plant. It takes between 50 lbs to several tons of plant material to get a single quart of essential oil. An example of this is Rose - it takes 600 lbs of rose petals to produce 1 oz pure essential oil. That explains why 5 ml (a teaspoon) is about $200. It sounds crazy expensive, but considering the large amount of plant material it takes to make it, maybe $200 is a bargain.  Other plants, such as Eucalyptus, Pine, and Rosemary have a higher yield of oil per plant so the price is much cheaper.

The naturally occurring volatile oils that give the plants their powerful scent are the power of aromatherapy. Some of these oils are found mostly in the leaves and flowers, but they can also be found in the peel of the fruit, bark, roots, bulb, and even the resin (e.g., frankincense, pine). The volatile oils have many healing properties due to their complex chemical components which contain alcohols, terpenes, phenols, aldehydes, and ketones that give the plants their anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant properties.

The best quality essential oils are extracted by steam distillation. In this method, the herbs are placed on a screen over boiling water in a large covered vessel. The steam rises and then descends down a coiled tube where the vapor condenses. The separated oil and water are caught in a container where the lighter oil floats on top of the water and is decanted. 

Some plants, jasmine being the most notable, have less volatile oil and are extracted by solvents. The petroleum based by-products work at room temperature and pull the oils from the plant. It also pulls out the wax and colorants resulting in a colored and thicker oil. This waxy substance is then mixed with alcohol to extract the aromatics. It is sold as an absolute. Any time you see “absolute” on a label, you know that that plant has been solvent extracted. Common oils that are sold using this method are: tuberose, carnation, gardenia, jonquil, violet leaf, narcissus, and mimosa.

Guidelines for Purchasing
So how do you choose a brand? There are several things to take into consideration when purchasing oils. On the average, one drop of essential oil represents the extraction of one ounce or more of plant material. That’s a lot of plant material harvested annually for human use. I buy the oils I know I am going to use on a regular basis, with a couple I want to get to know better. 

When looking for an essential oil brand, company research is critical.  Do they guarantee their oils are “100% pure essential oil”?  If they don’t, it’s probably not. Are they a large company or a small one? I choose small companies that have long term relationships with small growers and compensate them well. I also like companies owned by aromatherapy practitioners that are well respected in their field and preferably have some knowledge of botany and herbology.

The next item may be surprising given all the talk about “grades,” but there are no certifications for essential oils.  Sometimes on labels you’ll see oils classified as “therapeutic grade” or “aromatherapy grade” but this is misleading. No government agency or organization grades or certifies essential oils. The term “therapeutic grade” was used by a company as a marketing ploy and shortly afterward almost all essential oil companies were using those words. So, while the grade on the label sounds good, it has no inherent value or claim to quality.

All of the following information should be available for the oil, if not directly on the label it should be listed in the product description: the common plant name, Latin name (exact genus and species), country of origin, part of the plant processed, type of extraction (distillation or expression), and how it was grown (organic, wild-crafted, traditional).

How to Use Essential Oils
Internally: Because essential oils are so concentrated the only way I recommend using essential oils internally is as a mouthwash.

 A drop of Tea Tree oil in 1/4 cup of water as a mouthwash for gingivitis and plaque. Swish and spit out.

Externally: There are many ways to use essential oils externally.  One of the easiest is putting a drop of oil in the palm of the hand, rubbing your hands together, and inhaling from your cupped palms. This is only safe with non-dermatoxic oils. Lavender, Clary Sage, Geranium, Chamomile are all good candidates for this method.

Diffusers are the most popular way to enjoy essential oils. You may use a single oil or pick two or three essential oils to combine. There are a variety of diffusers from simple to elaborate. When anyone in my family starts to feel ill, in addition to my herbal allies, I like to start diffusing an oil with an affinity to kill germs in the air. Some of my favorites are Pine, Eucalyptus, and Fir.  Diffusing for 15 minutes, twice a day is a great place to start.

For self-care luxury, I like to mix essential oils into bath oils or salts. It’s important to emulsify essential oils before adding them to the bath.  If the oil isn’t mixed into milk or salt before adding to the bath, the oil molecules will merely float on top of the water. Some oils (particularly the citrus) are very irritating to the skin and could cause an allergic reaction.To emulsify add a maximum of 5 drops to 1/2 cup of milk or salt, mix well and add to bath.

Diluting Essential Oils for Use on the Skin
To use essential oils on the skin they must be diluted in a carrier oil. There are many options for carrier oils: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, and coconut oil to name a few. Sweet almond oil is a great carrier oil when creating massage blends. I like jojoba oil for moisturizing blends because it is absorbed quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. Experiment with small amounts of carrier oils to see how you like the final results before making a larger batch.

When making essential blends, there are generally three levels of dilution. A 1% dilution is used for children and elders. A 2% dilution is for general and adult use. 3% dilutions are used for acute health conditions.

Relaxing Oils:
Use one or a combination in bath, diffuser, or as a direct palm inhalation.
Lavender - may be put directly on burns, bites, and stings
Chamomile - combines well with Lavender in a diffuser
Geranium - calms anxiety

Cold and Flu Protection Oils:
These oils have decongestant properties, open breathing passages, protect against allergies, sinusitis, and mental dullness.  Diffuse one or a combination to use. All three of the oils listed have anti-inflammatory properties, are expectorants, and help regulate the mucus membranes.  All may be used in a diffuser, or used as a facial steam. 

Eucalyptus,  Pine,  & Tea Tree - sinusitis (for an effective facial steam and decongestant, add two drops of eucalyptus to pot of steaming water, carefully cover head with towel and inhale for 10-15 minutes)

Alleviating Headache:
Any of the following oils may be added to a carrier oil and 6-8 drops of Eucalyptus or Peppermint, or 10-12 drops if using Lavender.  Rub oil on temples, back of neck, or forehead.

Eucalyptus - anti-inflammatory properties, eases headaches, especially those associated with     sinusitis.
Lavender - good for morning and evening head pain
Peppermint - the menthol is eases tension and is cooling, good for head pain during the day

Household Cleaners:
All the oils listed below are powerful anti-microbials but are also phototoxic i.e., they enhance absorption of UV light.  They should never be applied directly to the skin unless they are diluted.

Tea Tree - kills mold. 20 drops of Tea Tree to a half cup of warm water.  Shake well, spray area thoroughly, wait for 1/2 hour, scrub.  For mold free maintenance spray tea tree mix in bathtub/shower after use to inhibit mold growth. 

The following cleaning powerhouse oils make a great spray for cleaning counters, stovetops, and sinks.  Cinnamon,  Clove bud, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lavender.

*I hope you enjoyed this guest post by Rochelle Eisenberger of Empress Herbs and that if want to test out some herbs you shop locally with Empress of Herbs.
Empress Herbs is located in Hillsborough, NC and handcrafted with love by Rochelle Eisenberger.  She is an herbalist, green witch, Reiki Master, and mystery student.

International Women's Day

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It feels very crucial this year, to celebrate such a day.  Political upheaval is swirling around us - the world is changing and so is our involvement.  Typically I don't get too political with my business and my blog but I do feel it is very pertinent to refer to several themes in my business - such as animals, wildlife, conservation and women - because it is part of the ethos of Eilisain. 

Yesterday I read a great article on one of my favorite websites, Refinery29, regarding the history of how International Women's Day got started.   Back in the beginning of the 20th century much was changing in the world, as it is now, with a new labor movement growing in North America and much of Europe.  And women from both sides of the globe convened in 1910 in Denmark for the second annual International Conference of Working Women.  It was proposed at this meeting, by Clara Zetkin for countries to celebrate International Women's Day.  The purpose being is to advocate and put pressure on our countries to expand women's rights. 

Thus finally in 1913 it was declared that March 8th be International Women's Day and has been celebrated ever since.  In some countries it's a holiday!  And today, the women that organzied the uber grand world wide Women's March also organized a Day without Women to signify how much of a force women are in the workplace and beyond. 

So how can you celebrate this day - even if you truly have to go to work- because many of us don't have the luxury or privilege of not working or fighting the system?

Here are 5 Ways you Can Celebrate International Women's Day:

1. Wear RED - In solidarity with women striking work today.

2.  Make your VOICE HEARD - Call your representatives, Congress people and local officials.  Do you want equal pay for equal work? Better child care services and PAID MATERNITY AND PATERNITY? Do you want to better access to health services? Improved education?

3.  SHOP and SUPPORT Women owned and small business' - ALL day erry-day.  Let's say you're running around town and you need a quick coffee or sandwich, skip Starbucks or Arby's and hit up your local women-run business.  You may spend a buck or two more BUT that money will go back into your community. 

4.  Use social media to spread the word - Not just today but as much as possible about women's history, women making a difference.  It may not seem obvious on a daily basis but there is a true lack of knowledge and awareness about the HUGE part women play in our society. 

Repurposing your old jewelry

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Back when I worked at the Jewelry Doctor, the jewelry repair shop in Greenville NC, I learned SO many tricks and ways to repair and assist people with the smallest of jewelry woes. 

You wouldn't believe how many times people would bring in costume and mall jewelry that was honestly so cherished they couldn't stand to see it'd broken and not wear it.  We also received beautiful antique gold, silver and plated jewelry that needed extreme sensitivity. 

Ellis Cutrell, the Jewelry Doctor and my mentor.

Ellis Cutrell, the Jewelry Doctor and my mentor.

So with this post I want to give you some insider secrets on how to make your jewelry last and turn it into new and beloved pieces of jewelry

1.  Buy yourself flat nosed pliers and epoxy -  These are the two main tools that you'll need for very simple repairs.  Whether it be from connecting a jump ring or gluing back rhinestones or faux gemstones.  Often times customers would need just a simple connection of parts that had come undone. 

And epoxy is fantastic for all sorts of things, especially gluing back rhinestones or costume jewelry.  But one word caution DO NOT USE IT ON REAL GEMSTONES.  Leave that to the experts. 

Simple silver jump rings can save your jewelry!

Simple silver jump rings can save your jewelry!

2.  The MISSING earring - It happens to all of us, you've got those awesome cocktail earrings or chandelier earrings as we say and the other falls off or simply gets lost.  It's the worst because you really love them.  The SOLUTION? Turn that single pair of earring into a pendant! Yes, it'll be a perfect centerpiece on your neck AND eye catching.  You may need to buy a small box of steel wire jump rings (essentially small round rings to connect pieces) and these can easily be purchased at your local Michaels or AC Moore. 

3.  The missing stone - I think this is the worst loss for any piece of jewelry, and sometimes it can be irreplaceable.  Here are several solutions to this conundrum:
-If it's semiprecious or gold/silver jewelry, take it to your local jewelry repair shop and ask if they can locate a matching stone. 
-Redesign the piece using the old gold/silver with your local jewelry pair expert.  They can again, turn it into a pendant or a new ring.  The cost is not as much since you'll be reusing the same gold and silver with the time of your expert. 
-Mail in the gold/silver and leftover stones to a metal supply company such as Hoover & Strong.  They will either give you credit or send you a check!
These are honestly your best options when it comes to a missing stone.

4.  Your silver jewelry is tarnished and black -  It's a fact of life, oxygen begins to slowly blacken and tarnish your silver, especially the silver you want shiny! Thus there are several at home remedies that can work wonders to fix this problem.
-Keep a spare piece of chalk with your silver to ward off tarnish.  This handles the issue from the beginning.
At home silver tarnish removal:
Line the bottom of a glass baking dish with aluminum foil
Fill the dish with steaming hot water
Add salt (sodium chloride) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the water. Some recipes call for 2 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp salt, whereas others call for 2 tablespoons each of baking soda and salt. Personally, I wouldn't measure the amounts... just add a bit of each substance.
Drop the silver items into the container so that they are touching each other and resting on the foil. You will be able to watch the tarnish disappear.
Leave heavily tarnished items in the solution for as long as 5 minutes. Otherwise, remove the silver when it appears clean.
Rinse the silver with water and gently buff it dry with a soft towel.

5.  And lastly, if all else fails.  Take your cherished pieces to an expert.  It goes without saying that repairs are best done by those that know what they're doing.  And if you're completely clueless, that's okay! Invest the money and you will be glad you did!

I hope that my advice and tricks help you maintain and repair your own jewelry.  It'll make you feel empowered and satisfied!

Who is Ursula?

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When I was dreaming up my newest collection, set to release in Monday, March 20th, I wanted to present a contradiction of dark and light.  To me it is a universal truth in our world - that you can't have light without dark and vice versa.  Often times it's a tough pill for many of us to swallow.  Why wouldn't we want to be happy all the time? But I've learned over the years that going through difficult times and situations can make you so much stronger and change your destiny.


Ursula is that evil queen that shows us our mirror image - y'know the one that you don't show anyone? Just like in the Little Mermaid movie, she revels in her naughtiness, in her own self obsession.  But without her would we acknowledge that inner demon? I don't think many of us would. 

So with this collection, of varying pieces and combination of Eilisain elements, such as the crow claw, bird bones, owl talons along with sea shells I went to work with using a bit of everything.  AND I am excited that I got to work with Becky Parker, primarily a lifestyle photographer.  We had fun shooting my friend Dru Lindsay Patrick - with her shock of red hair and sassy attitude. 

We shot looks that had a ethereal quality as well as sublime, moodier looks.  I can't wait to share them with you and especially this month - of the Pisces - it's my favorite time of year.

As always thank you for reading!

How to create a meditative space

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As I've told you in a previous blog post, this year I'm trying to meditate and take more quiet times throughout the day and week to pray and be quiet.  It's harder than you think, everyday I tell myself I'm going to meditate the first thing I do when I wake up and I have yet to do that!

However, i do much better at night, when I need to play out the scenes of the day.  I've also read that you don't need to be in a defined space to meditate or let your mind relax and wander.  You can do it at the park, on your lunch break, at your desk or even in your car.  The point is to allow your mind to 'rest'. 

It does help though to have a space carved out to meditate and relax.  It could be a corner in your room or living room.  But adding a few touches can truly help.

Buddha and a rosemary wreath my friends gifted me. 

Buddha and a rosemary wreath my friends gifted me. 

1.  Setting the scene with ritual.  It could be lighting a candle or incense, pulling out your favorite blanket or pillow.  Rubbing scented oils on your pulse points.  Whatever it is, do one (or several) thing to put you in a meditative mood.  Ritual is very powerful when it comes to habits and a sense of serenity.

2.  Unplug completely.  Put your phone on vibrate, or do not disturb and put it in another room.  This is really essential to letting your mind and body rest.

3.  Make it completely comfortable.  Put on your pjs or leave them on, wear warm socks, or keep the air cool.  Surround yourself with lots of pillows.  You want to feel relaxed and sedated.

My 'grandma' chair and handmade pillow get me comfy and cozy for a tarot reading.

My 'grandma' chair and handmade pillow get me comfy and cozy for a tarot reading.

4.  Add special momentos in your space. It could be a photo of a beloved ancestor, or a rock you found on a hike.  Anything that brings back peaceful and happy memories is perfect for your meditative space.  I keep a photo of my me and my niece on my wedding day on the bookshelf next to my chair.  It fills me with happiness and joy just looking at it.

5.  Tell your partner or loved ones you need quiet and space to meditate.  This goes along with unplugging.  close the door or move cats, children and spouses out of your zone.  So that you can completely unwind. 

And one last word of advice, even if your mind wanders in the beginning, don't worry about it.  Often times our mind needs a moment to 'come down' for the activity of the day, to slowly allow the mind to shake off all the thoughts.  Then you can begin a ritual of connecting your body to the earth and the sky (my best way of getting into the meditative state).  Visualization really helps with this. 

I hope these tips help you to move into a state of peacefulness - meditation is like stretching, the more you do it the easier it becomes. 

thanks for reading!

For your Galentine

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I'm a big believer in female friendships; sounds corny to say but I love quality time with my girlfriends.  We can talk, and talk and talk and get complete understanding from each other when we may not get that from our boyfriends, husbands or significant others.  And it's not just that but it's more that understanding of what it's like to be a woman.

Cate, myself and Caroline, two of my favorite Galentine's!

Cate, myself and Caroline, two of my favorite Galentine's!

So I propose that we show the love and appreciation for our girlfriends just as we would to our male counterparts.  Even if it's just a card, why not let them simply know that you love their friendship?  I grew up watching my Mom send thank you cards, little gifts and momentos to her own friends and family.  She made it a point to remember peoples birthdays.  And it has rubbed off on me.  And nowadays with the written word dwindling in favor of electronic correspondence it means even more to get that piece of snail mail.  I LOVE getting an envelope from a friend of family - because it's the first thing I open other than another bill!

Okay so to the point of this post, I have some suggestions of small yet memorable gifts to give the best babes in your life and the best part? They're all $20 and under!  So here they are:

1.  Cat claw earrings - This one is a no brainer, most of my girlfriends are cat lovers and these are super affordable and sweet. 

2.  Sage & Palo santo smudging - Aroma and scents are very powerful, and what woman doesn't need a good cleansing of the spirit and home? These are only $10 and smell so earthy and good!

3.  A beautiful print - Just as much as I love a good scent, I also adore hand drawn prints.  It's calming to soak in an image of a powerful animal.  And Nest and Burrow prints have gorgeous detail.   I really love the Quietus of Munin crow print. 

4.  Wine profile card set - I got this for one of my girlfriends for Xmas and she loved it.  Most of my lady friends are wino's and it's fun and sweet.  Plus it passes on the point of sending out cards.  You could even use these to send to your galentine!

5.  Gem and Honey infused bath salts - I just bought these on my last visit to Everyday Magic and I love them! I'm a big bath person, it's my self care ritual and most women enjoy a good soak, with a glass of wine of course!  Your galentine needs that self care too. 

It's not too late too order any of these items and get them to your bestie - show her you appreciate all the times she listened to you and gave you advice or rescued you from a bad date!

Stone cold love

color, feeling, divination, mediation, moodLisette Fee

I recently had one of my friends solicit advice for warding off anxiety and stress.  Luckily I had my handy Gem and Stone book by Jen Altman.  Labradorite seemed like a perfect stone to aid her in calming her nerves and keeping her safe from negativity. 

One of a kind pendant with one of the prettiest labs I've worked with. 

One of a kind pendant with one of the prettiest labs I've worked with. 

And it had me thinking how could I help you and my other friends with their own ailments or everyday worries.  So I recreated a chart from Jen's book on stones for every zodiac sign. This can be a good reference for you when thinking about your own personal attachment to certain stones or researching them. 

I'm a Pisces and it makes total sense that I've always been attracted to amethyst, I love that purple color!!

I hope you enjoy and use this reference guide, and research more about your stones and how they can aid you.  I think right now, many of us can use that self care and inner reflection. 

A red, red rose

custom jewelry, custom orders, handmadeLisette Fee

Who doesn't love roses? Speaking of which, I need to buy some soon.  I love having flowers around, it's just calming.  And I'm lucky that with our new house we have rose bushes by our front door entrance. 

Spring is just around the corner, and with that comes all the gorgeous blooming, freshness that we've come to expect.  And that also means Valentine's Day and Wedding season!! Yes, yes, valentine's day is VERY commercialized, I know, but in defense it's honestly fun to share love and appreciation for people you care about - not just partners. 

I just participated in my first bridal show last weekend, and it was SO much fun! It was an indie show meaning - alterna - not your typical bridal show (which I'll be honest I've never been to one, but I know it wasn't as cool and hip as this one).  The Bourbon Bridal show featured vendors that aren't your typical bridal fare, run of the mill.  Participating in the show makes me want to get married all over again!  And I'm happy to say, the organizers of the show will be doing it again - biannually.  

It did get me thinking about all the times I have made rings and jewelry for weddings over the years and it is such a special treat! My first was back in northern Virginia when I was just beginning my education in jewelry, i was commissioned to make earrings and necklaces for the bridesmaids of my coworkers.  I made delicate dangle earrings with grey and blue crystal beads almost mimicking grape vines. 

With that said, I want you to know that I'm here for you for your wedding and Valentine's day needs - but if you are planning to order jewelry please ORDER now, so we can get it to you in time!  And I do love doing custom orders, we can select a special stone, setting and finish for your piece. 

Take a minute and watch one of my favorite videos of the Brigid Bridal Collection - super romantic, dreamy and lovey-dovey (I'm a die hard romantic, can't you tell?)

The Brigid Collection is not just a bridal collection but jewelry that is for lovers and dreamers; these pieces are romantic and fulflill that part in all of us that believes in everlasting love. The collection is named after the Celtic Goddess Brigid, she is also known as the triune patron deity of healing, smiths and fertility and poetry.