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Make your holiday gifts count

small businessLisette Fee

As many of you probably already know I'm a big advocate of shopping local and supporting local artists and business'.  Not just because I, myself, am a small business owner but because I see first hand how much local economy impacts the success of a community and town. 

 A very helpful graphic of how much your dollars stay in the community. 

A very helpful graphic of how much your dollars stay in the community. 

There are SO many ways a small purchase can trickle down through the community.  I'll give you a personal one; on special occasions, when I make a big sale or have a successful event, my husband and I treat ourselves.  Case in point back in October it was our 2 year marriage anniversary.  And we try to celebrate it locally, we ate at our favorite local restaurant Starlight (it's also where we got married).  We personally know the owners and many of the wait staff and chefs and not just that we LOVE their food!

So you see, when you spend your hard earned money on a small business, that same business will use some of their income to spend locally as well - everyone benefits.  And, it's better for the environment.  Because the spending was locally, not on far off made items.

This holiday season, and really all year long I'm urging you to SHOP LOCAL, stay local and help grow your community.    Through out the next several weeks, I'll be highlighting some of my favorite local business', ones that I patron and love.  And don't forget that on Saturday, November 26th is SHOP SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY