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Dryad black druzy geode earrings

One of a Kind

Dryad black druzy geode earrings

sold out

Dryad black druzy geode earrings


Blackness absorbs and repels negativity, there is a sense of freedom in the abyss of black.

These gorgeous druzy geode earrings reflect the concept of our universe, that we are entirely connected and yet there is so much space between to reach across.

The black geode druzies are hugged by my Dryad oak tree branch elements cast in sterling silver. These earrings are perfect for the fall weather, put your hair up and allow your ears to shine with depth and beauty. The earrings are entirely made of sterling silver other than the stone. The earring backs are sterling silver with a rubber insert for snug wearability.

Dryads are Greek nymphs inhabiting oak trees. I love this idea because I do feel spirits inhabit trees and groves. And with this time of year when the veil between our world and the spirit world is thinnest...well we can't help but connect with them.

As with all Eilisain Jewelry your order will arrive in my Eilisain jewelry gift box, with a complimentary polishing cloth and small smudge stick.

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