Eilisain Jewelry

Powerfully Divine

In Eilisain Jewelry you have the chance to feel the spirit of animals that might otherwise remain unfamiliar. Humans have always had a strong bond with totem animals and Eilisain Jewelry celebrates this connection. Every time you wear Eilisain Jewelry you carry the strength and wisdom of that animal or object; you are infusing it with your essence and aura.

Wear the wisdom & strength.  When you need that touchstone, a momento that gives you either peace, strength, wisdom or clarity.  Eilisain Jewelry invokes the characteristics of the myth and legends of the animals we celebrate.

Eilisain (I-li-sean) is my name, Lisette translated in Gaelic.  It means consecrated to god. I've been designing and making jewelry for over 10 years.  Growing up as the daughter of an Army officer provided me the opportunity to travel the world, from Japan to El Salvador to Uruguay to Panama.  This immersion in a diversity of cultures gave me an invaluable appreciation for a variety of art forms.