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Resurrection Beetle ring


The Power of Myth

Eilisain Jewelry represents my fascination and appreciation for myth stories and
the power and understanding we receive from applying them to our own lives.

Every piece of Eilisain jewelry is handcrafted using found animal parts, rough coral and gemstones, animal teeth, and of course the alchemial properties of metal. My hope is to provide you with jewelry that carries the vitality of myth and belief that objects (adornment) can transform your perspective and appearance.

The story of Eilisain really begins when I found the name, Eilisain (I-li-sean) at a Celtic fair, I went to a booth where you can have your name translated into Gaelic. Of course I was curious and had my name, Lisette translated and thus is Eilisain meaning "Consecrated to God". I have always found cultural mythologies fascinating; creation stories and how varied and yet similar they are. Eilisain seemed so appropriate for my future jewelry business.

Resurrection Beetle ring

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beetle ring.JPG
beetle ring2.JPG

Resurrection Beetle ring

from 185.00

A male dung beetle sits atop a beautifully clear quartz crystal unifying clarity with rebirth and resurrection.  Cast in ancient bronze and plated with 18kt gold this ring is simple and powerful.

Quartz crystal varies in size but generally comes in the same length as in the photo. 

Beetle totem animal history:  There are over 280,000 different kinds of beetles and the most varied of insects.  As many are familiar the Egyptians revered the scarab (sacred) beetle for several reasons; their habit of rolling dung from east to west, representing movement of the sun and solar deities.  The beetle goes through many changes throughout their life; from grub stage to winged.   In the Middle Ages, alchemists drew the scarab in diagrams of the double spiral, which leads to the center of the universe.  The Scarab brings new life and vitality.  It can teach you how to pace yourself through the seasonal changes of the year.  Also, gives insight into past lives and spiritual enlightenment.

This beetle was found near my car in August when I was moving to a new home, shortly after I came across many beetles; at the time I was in a stage of transition and growth.  This beetle is male due to the horn and is very rare to find.  I feel quite lucky that beetle came into my life.

******READY TO SHIP: 18kt gold plated Size 6.5 ***

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