The Brigid Collection is not just a bridal collection but jewelry that is for lovers and dreamers; these pieces are romantic and fulflill that part in all of us that believes in everlasting love. 

The collection is named after the Celtic Goddess Brigid, she is also known as the triune patron deity of healing, smiths and fertility and poetry.  In the earlier Irish sagas she is the daughter of the Dagda (father of all the Gods) and she was also known as a Christian saint, known as "Mary of the Gaels".  St.Brigid was born in Faughart in a.d. 450 and died in Kildare in a.d.523. 

Many followers of Brigid name her as their own patron deity and make offerings to her during Imbolc (February 1), one of the Sabbaths that honor her.  I felt Brigid was appropriate for this collection due to what she represents and that I also consider her my patron deity. 

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