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International Women's Day


International Women's Day

Lisette Fee

It feels very crucial this year, to celebrate such a day.  Political upheaval is swirling around us - the world is changing and so is our involvement.  Typically I don't get too political with my business and my blog but I do feel it is very pertinent to refer to several themes in my business - such as animals, wildlife, conservation and women - because it is part of the ethos of Eilisain. 

Yesterday I read a great article on one of my favorite websites, Refinery29, regarding the history of how International Women's Day got started.   Back in the beginning of the 20th century much was changing in the world, as it is now, with a new labor movement growing in North America and much of Europe.  And women from both sides of the globe convened in 1910 in Denmark for the second annual International Conference of Working Women.  It was proposed at this meeting, by Clara Zetkin for countries to celebrate International Women's Day.  The purpose being is to advocate and put pressure on our countries to expand women's rights. 

Thus finally in 1913 it was declared that March 8th be International Women's Day and has been celebrated ever since.  In some countries it's a holiday!  And today, the women that organzied the uber grand world wide Women's March also organized a Day without Women to signify how much of a force women are in the workplace and beyond. 

So how can you celebrate this day - even if you truly have to go to work- because many of us don't have the luxury or privilege of not working or fighting the system?

Here are 5 Ways you Can Celebrate International Women's Day:

1. Wear RED - In solidarity with women striking work today.

2.  Make your VOICE HEARD - Call your representatives, Congress people and local officials.  Do you want equal pay for equal work? Better child care services and PAID MATERNITY AND PATERNITY? Do you want to better access to health services? Improved education?

3.  SHOP and SUPPORT Women owned and small business' - ALL day erry-day.  Let's say you're running around town and you need a quick coffee or sandwich, skip Starbucks or Arby's and hit up your local women-run business.  You may spend a buck or two more BUT that money will go back into your community. 

4.  Use social media to spread the word - Not just today but as much as possible about women's history, women making a difference.  It may not seem obvious on a daily basis but there is a true lack of knowledge and awareness about the HUGE part women play in our society.