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Summer rituals and habits

Lisette Fee

Being half Spanish I have inherent comfort level with heat and warm temperatures. I love being warm, baking in the sun by a pool. And despite some of the oppressive temperatures lately, I still love summertime.

So here are some of my favorite rituals and things to do this time of year.

blog post.png
  1. Enjoy the sunsets! I try to get outside in the early morning and in the late evening. Even if there is a warm drizzle, being outside with my daughter is so fun in the late summer nights. She enjoys a popsicle while I sip on rosemary seltzer water and we soak in the natural beauty.

  2. The Uptown Umbrella market and all farmer markets - Ripe red tomatoes, local honey, shaved ice and live music, it’s free and we get to see our friends! And if I’m lucky we go to my favorite farm to table restaurant Starlight Cafe.

  3. Outdoor concerts and movies - another fun and FREE activity. Now that our daughter is running around and has all the energy it makes sense to take her to a musical outdoor event. It’s another excuse to be outside enjoying the late nights.

  4. Harvesting - For our garden summertime explodes with green and purple peppers, Japenese eggplant, mint, basil and cherry tomatoes. It’s so gratifying to go in our backyard and pluck fresh vegetables.

  5. Stay inside and paint - Yes I love warm weather but I also enjoy the cool temps inside. I’ve taken to setting up a paint station for my daughter and we get totally creative. It’s also a meditative activity. You don’t think, you just paint and allow your mind to empty!


Every season has it’s extremes, fun and drudgey but overall, I try to enjoy each season for the wonderful offerings and ways to move with time.

Thanks as always for reading, stay in touch with me via my email list and I’ll send you more rituals and ways to celebrate a more present life.

Revisiting the Vespa Collection

Lisette Fee

Over the past seven years I’ve been pretty consistent in creating two collections or sometimes one collection of jewels a year. And since the beginning I’ve had friends and long time customers tell how much they loved my Vespa Collection.

The Vespa Collection was inspired by the wasp nest and it’s geometric shape. Now, you know my jewelry is very much inspired by animals and the natural world and I tend to use more organic looking shapes versus geometric so this was a bit of a departure to create jewels with more defined edges. However there was a nice combination of both.

I truly enjoyed making this collection because I didn’t use any ‘cast’ elements, meaning any talons or claws. As much as I love them, it’s fun to switch it up. I especially loved using warm honey colors like citrine, gold druzy and other druzy stones. AND the best part is the fantastic shape of the ring, a five sided pentagon with a ring in the middle. I’m quite proud of that design and I love how different it is for a ring shank.

How dreamy is this shot of my Vespa citrine earrings???!!

How dreamy is this shot of my Vespa citrine earrings???!!

I’ve decided to re-introduce the Vespa Citrine ring as I’ve acquired new citrine stones. That’s the trick is finding the right stones, it can be incredibly difficult to find the right stones especially when you can’t go to all the fun gem shows (one day)!

I’ve only got TWO stones for this ring. I’m working on acquiring more stones but for now I expect an all out panic, just kidding, in snapping up this fabulous ring.

Don’t worry friends, I’m on the look out for more faceted citrine stones and if you have your own or find some contact me! Let’s work together.

Vespa pendant.jpg

Tarot and why I love it

Lisette Fee

Tarot is experiencing a widespread popularity and resurgence and I’m so incredibly happy because it’s such an amazing spiritual tool and method for inner growth and manifestation.

I started reading my tarot cards about 18 years ago - dang I feel old! My first deck was the Rider-waite (the most popular deck to begin with). At first it felt overwhelming to shuffle through and try to understand but over the years I’ve become so much more familiar and adept at using them.

Tarot is a divination tool and a very ancient one.

The word tarot can have several associations, some may liken it to the Hebrew word, Torah; the latin rota, meaning “wheel” or the Arabic Tarah or turuq which refer to “four ways”. However most point to the connection between the Italian Tarocchi or Tarocco which refers to the original renditions of the play-card games that appeared in Europe sometime during the 15th century.
— Danielle Noel auther of The Book of Tarot

Over the years tarot went through several renditions and new designs but the ultimately the tarot deck that has endured over time is the Rider Wait-Smith tarot designed and illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. Both were occultists and practitioners of Kabbalism and they added a whole new mystical symbology to the deck.


An excerpt from one of my favorite Tarot guidebooks, Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea has a fantastic description of tarot:

The Tarot is an ancient story system, a pack of cards that tell a multitude of tales depending on the ways in which they’re placed alongside one another. Pull the High Priestess, the Page of Coins, and the World, and it tells a story of an individual seeking higher purpose through the material world, someone who isj ust beginning a path of knowledge but whose deep inspiration and devotion will take her very far....The trick to being able to deduce this is to know the cards well and allow yourself to link their stories together and — and this is really important — trusting that you are reading the cards clearly. It could, if you’re nervous to look at that last spread of cards and then say, “Oh, um, actually, it could also mean that walking away from this situation might bring the Tower down and ruin your life. I”m not sure! Thanks for coming!” Tarot speaks to your intuition, to our guts. More and more scientific research points to the right-on power of our “guts” to make quick, intuitive , and correct decisions.
— Michelle Tea

Here’s the thing to understand about tarot and all forms of divination; it’s a tool which means it isn’t going to predict your future, what tarot does is provide a visual aid of delving deeper into what you’re experiencing. Tarot is akin to a telescope allowing you to see much closer into your life.

My daughter and I looking through the cards

My daughter and I looking through the cards

Tarot is just one of the divination tools I use.

Tarot is just one of the divination tools I use.


I want to be clear that tarot is for anyone, of any faith. And you don’t need years of experience to read your own cards. Because here’s a secret friends, you know the answers. Deep down you are your greatest teacher and that is how you understand the cards.

Here’s a list of my favorite decks:

The Fountain tarot deck - I feel as if I’m deep within my unconscious when i look at these cards. It’s as if entering a dream world.

The Moonchild deck - Another otherworldly deck, I love the collage effect of these images. Danielle creates a beautiful and sumptous world with her images AND the booklet for the deck is full of juicy information and ways to attune yourself to the moon.

The Arthurian Tarot deck - This was the second deck I acquired and one of my most cherished. Caitlin and John Matthews are complete scholars of Celtic and Arthurian lore and legend. This deck delves into the myth and stories and provide fantastic illustrations that really get you thinking what the symbols mean.

Anima Mundi deck - My daughter loves this deck for all the dark and fantastical images of the animals. I also enjoy this deck for totem spiritual work. What is a lovely surprise about this deck are some of the animals are associated with characteristics that I normally wouldn’t have.

Threads of Fate oracle deck - My newest deck and one that isn’t tarot but oracle, somewhat the same but doesn’t follow the traditional minor arcana and major. Brit June and Blair Porter have created a beautiful deck with gold inlay and the illustrations touch upon larger themes like Soul Work and Speak Truth. Some cards feature healers, sages and spiritual practitioners with a lil bio in the booklet.

Some tips for newbie Tarot nerds:

  • pull one card a day to get famililar with your deck

  • Keep a journal to record your thoughts and feelings towards the card

  • Before you pull a card, sit with the deck and allow your mind to cleanse the cards and connect with them.

  • Take your deck with you whereever you go, so that you can sit and play with them or share with a friend.

I hope you enjoyed this post and especially learning more about tarot. I promise that time with a tarot deck is never wasted and is so cleansing for the spirit.

If you’d like to learn more about divination, meditation and how to combine jewelry with those two, sign up for my email list below. I email weekly about my jewelry, up coming craft shows, mindfulness and more.

As always thanks for reading - stay badass and fierce friends!


How becoming a mother changed my perspective of 'work' and life balance

Lisette Fee

Over the course of the past two years of being a mother I’ve been through a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. Some days I’m at peace with my new role and other days I feel complete overwhelm and anxiety.

I’ve posted on my blog several times about my journey and how I finally came to some peace with the fact that there won’t ever truly be balance. And I’m sure so many other moms have the same feelings, what I think is unique about being a stay at home mom AND running a small business without much child care is that it can take an incredible amount of patience, flexibility and community help to get through the the long haul.

One significant factor in my coming to terms with the role of motherhood and working from home is my mindset has changed incredibly. I’ve listened to podcasts that encourage meditation, working smarter and less, creating rituals that ensure productivity.and mindfulness. I’ve also just allowed myself to take time to rest and relax.

AND the major part of all of my changes in mindset is my daughter Tallulah; toddlers have a way of forcing you to be present and incredibly patient. Toddlers will TEST you like no other and in the end you begin to understand that they are simply curious. And that curiosity is immensely beautiful and grounding.

You might be thinking, ok Lisette we get it, you’ve accepted being a mom and a boss, what’s that have to do with me?

I share my experience with you because I know we all struggle with balance and just BEING, and knowing that perhaps in the moment there can be anxiety, stress and overwhelm but if we acknowledge that it isn’t us - any situation that we’re in is one we’re experiencing but it doesn’t define us.
— Lisette Fee

Thus here are photos of me in my studio, garden, meditation space and most importantly of all photos of me with my pookie, Tallulah.

Tallulah loves flowers and being outside. It’s our daily ritual to walk all around our town.

Tallulah loves flowers and being outside. It’s our daily ritual to walk all around our town.

Watering our vegetable and herb garden.

Watering our vegetable and herb garden.

Tickles are the best with a little person.

Tickles are the best with a little person.

Rose in hand, surrounded by jewels.

Rose in hand, surrounded by jewels.

While Tallulah naps, I work!

While Tallulah naps, I work!

Tallulah loves playing in my meditation room.

Tallulah loves playing in my meditation room.

sorting through tarot cards and rune stones.

sorting through tarot cards and rune stones.

I hope you enjoyed this post and an inside look into my studio and life. And thank you as always for supporting and following Eilisain.

My morning ritual and how it sets me up for the day

Lisette Fee

I’m one of those people that loves routine and likes to set things up ready for the next day. For example, I prep my coffee and electric kettle in the evening before I settle into bed so that there is less to be done the following morning. And I enjoy certain rituals at the beginning and ending of the day.

I thought I’d share with you my morning ritual as it has truly made a difference in my well being and sanity. My main goal with my morning ritual is to bring my mindset to the present yet also preparing myself for the rest of the day. As my kettle boils the water for my coffee, I sip room temperature water with lemon and basil. I crack open my calendar notebook and my journal. Mind you this all happens AFTER I get my daughter out of her crib, fix her a sippy cup of milk and turn on Hotel Transylvania (it should come as no surprise my child loves movies about monsters!).

I review and jot down three goals for the day, then i recite my morning mantras and manifestations. One of my favorites is stating:

“Wealth and abundance is plentiful and comes into my life easily.”

What this calls into my life is gratitude and a viewpoint that imagines enough for everyone. There is love, knowledge and joy all around me. I’ve been working hard on my mindset this year, to be aware and present and keep my eyes and heart open.

Once I’ve performed this ritual, I prepare my coffee and then allow myself to look at my phone.

Notebooks are essential for capturing ideas and goals.

Notebooks are essential for capturing ideas and goals.

I’ll be honest it can be SO HARD to not automatically reach for my phone and scroll thru my favorite apps when I get up in the morning. And there are mornings where I do this first, however I notice that once I crack open phone there is not telling when I put it back down and it tends to make me more anxious in the morning.


Surrounding myself with special objects, crystals, plants and of course a furbaby or two keeps me calm and happy in the morning and throughout the day. And keeping books and magazines on the coffee table provide more sustenance than my phone.

Having a toddler has also forced me to be aware and present with my daughter, watching her grow and learn. I don’t want to forget those precious moments.

I highly recommend you keep a morning ritual (other than the usual, wash your face and brush your teeth). Something about the act of gratitude and centering yourself provides a base for which a day has been set with intention and awareness.

3 Mombosses I admire

Lisette Fee

Are you tired yet of me talking about being a momboss? I hope not because I have a new post to share with you several MOMBOSSES that I admire and respect.

We can all agree that being a bossbabe is a ton of work, responsibility and juggling but add being a mom on top of that and it’s even more scheduling and organization.

Erica Letchworth - I met Erica when I first moved to my small town of Farmville three years ago. And right off that bat I knew that we would become friends. We have so much in common, we both lived in Gainesville, FL, we both attended ECU AND we’re both bossbabes. And now, we have even more in common, Erica became a mom a year ago. Erica is a portrait photographer and she is in the same boat as I am, running a small business AND caring for her daughter full time. Somehow she makes it all work!

*side note: Erica will be shooting me in my home studio and meditation space next week. I’m SUPER excited to work with her.

How beautiful is this family? Erica with her husband and daughter.

How beautiful is this family? Erica with her husband and daughter.

Kelly Boutilier - Kelly is a veteran entrepreneur, she has run her own boutique, organized epic fashion shows and now she owns a yoga practice and a pop up shop/gallery for exhibitions and shows. When I met Kelly her son Kingy was just a baby and now he’s practically a teenager! Watching Kelly juggle all her projects and endeavors has always inspired and motivated me. She makes it look so easy, fun and fierce!

Here I am with Kelly and our friend/artist/momboss Kristen Hardee

Here I am with Kelly and our friend/artist/momboss Kristen Hardee

Courtney Kerr - I introduced ya’ll to Courtney when I did my fav photographers post. And as you know she’s also a mom. She’s managed to shoot families and children while also caring for her toddler. Courtney most recently had a baby and she’s continued to amaze me with her momboss strength and tenacity. Courtney shot our family photos and I’ll forever cherish them.

Such a fun and happy photo with my hubby and daughter.

Such a fun and happy photo with my hubby and daughter.

So this Mother’s Day, not only do I urge you to support small and local business’ but also the mombosses in your life. They deserve and need your support and love; especially these MEGA MOMBOSSES. They are true warriors in home life and work life.

Thanks as always for reading and popping by my blog. If you want to get more information like this sign up for my email list.

And if you’re still shopping for a mother’s day gift…SHOP my guide below!

Life is a Labyrinth

Lisette Fee

When I began researching the theme of labyrinth it began to crystallize how timely and appropriate this concept is. The labyrinth is a very ancient image, painted on cavern walls and spans countries and timelines.

I chose this image and card to depict the PATIENCE it takes to go through life’s ups and downs, twists and turns. Just like the labyrinth.

I chose this image and card to depict the PATIENCE it takes to go through life’s ups and downs, twists and turns. Just like the labyrinth.

Now, we are all familiar with the infamous Labyrinth movie and why not, as it’s such a classic fantasy movie but it also demonstrates the power of the journey and lessons we learn on a labyrinth walk. As you walk through one you learn valuable lessons and how to navigate the trials of life.

For this collection I used several design elements to reference a labyrinth. One of my all time favorite stones, the dragon vein agate has gorgeous lines and colors that resemble a labyrinth. In addition I used malachite for the gorgeous deep green and also the lines and swirling patterns. The color green is perfect as labyrinths are made on the flat earth, sometimes in a garden design or by using stones or sand.

This is DRAGON VEIN. Isn’t it stunning?

This is DRAGON VEIN. Isn’t it stunning?


In Celtic culture and beliefs the circular patterns the ancient Celts and inhabitants of those regions considered the circle and labyrinth design leading to the navel of the earth. Mother earth if you will and the abundance that the earth provides just as a mother does.

In my early twenties I became obessed with the Celtic culture and beliefs, I still am. There is something old and very familiar of the art, myths and pantheon. And thus with the Labyrinth collection I wanted to go back to that fascination and allure of the ancient designs and colors.

This photo was taken from one of my many Celtic books.

This photo was taken from one of my many Celtic books.

ISo how can a labyrinth and the walking of one aid you in your life, or even how can this jewelry do the same? Well, whenever I learn a new concept or idea I look at it thru the lens of my own life. Some days I’ll be sitting or walking or making jewelry and I think about my past and the times I struggled so hard and came thru wiser and stronger or even in my present moment.

Granted, I’m still working on it but I feel a strange sense of purpose and confidence that I can. Walking a labyrinth in my mind, I’m doing that now. I came up on a situation and turned it around in my hand many, many times until I found the way to make it work.

For the past two years I’ve been grappling with how to juggle my momlife with my bossbabe life. And for a time I kept telling myself the same story - that it was hard and that I couldn’t do all the things I want to do because of being a mom. But FINALLY I flipped the narrative and decided that regardless of me being at home doing the SAME ROUTINE with my daughter I was going to get shit done and be effective at doing it.
— Lisette Fee, owner and creator of Eilisain Jewelry
The bone of a flying fish. How amazing is that texture and design?

The bone of a flying fish. How amazing is that texture and design?

Another element of the Labyrinth Collection is the bone of a flying fish that my friend gave me. The intricate textures and design on the bone are incredible. They could be a labyrinth, the lines go all over the place. And I felt that this was essential to including it in the collection.

I’m going to continue posting about the collection and also provide you with more tools to aid you in your life journey.

PS - World Labyrinth Day is May 4th. Five thousand people are scheduled to walk Labyrinths in the name of peace.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Lisette Fee

Who truly holds the world up? Mothers. For real, they get shit done and also manage to be amazing. All the mother’s I know are absolutely incredible. They’re bossbabes, stylish women on the go that also make time to read to their kids, take them to whatever sport activity and run a household.

So let’s treat mom’s to badass jewels!

Here’s my gift guide for all the fierce women in your life, and to the fur mamas too.

This gift guide covers jewels for the dainty mamas to the fly standout moms.

The new bird bone and gemstone ring. You’ll feel like a fierce goddess.

The new bird bone and gemstone ring. You’ll feel like a fierce goddess.

Lisette and Tallulah color.jpg

I do hope that you take time to honor the role of mother this year, especially for those that mother’s that may not have a large family or friend base. Send a card to an Aunt or family friend that has carried her role as mother with pride and dignity. I’ve created a list of women that have aided me in my life and been there for me.

I’m quite excited that my own Mother will be visiting our family this year and that we will have a chance to celebrate with Tallulah. When I think back to being a young child and not realizing how hard it must’ve been for my own mom to be strong and lift us up when we needed it, I am incredibly grateful and thankful.

Thank you for visiting and stay fierce!

PS - Don’t forget I’m releasing my Labyrinth Collection on May 8th just before Mother’s Day. These will be incredibly one of a kind and rare jewels. See the sneak peek photo below.

Swirly malachite is so rich and deep.

Swirly malachite is so rich and deep.

5 super easy ways to celebrate earth day - EVERY DAY

Lisette Fee

What they said is wrong, being green is easy. Seriously, in our convenience led world we don’t need to be wasteful. Our beautiful planet needs us to be protectors of her abundance and generosity.


Life is cyclical right? We can not take something without giving. And the same goes for all that we consume on a daily basis. So here are five super easy ways to be less wasteful, recycle, reuse and especially REDUCE.

  1. Take your own water bottle or coffee mug when you step out of the house. As a matter of fact, stash a to go container, a reusable water bottle and coffee mug in your canvas shopping bag.

  2. Reuse any of your plastic bags. And clean and drop off any plastic film and bags at your local Food Lion or grocery store. It’s SO convenient.

  3. Unplug and turn off any cellular charging stations or lights that you aren’t using. This will not only save energy for the planet BUT it also SAVES YOU MONEY!

  4. SHOP second hand and Salvation Army. You guys, this one is fun - you can find the best treasures at thrift stores.

  5. Grow a garden, plant trees and pick up trash where you see it. It all begins in your community. the more we time we spend outside in nature and the wilderness the more we appreciate and love our world.


I hope that you take this time of year to venerate and give gratitude for all the our mother earth provides for us. I know I sound all hippy dippy but trust me when I say that what YOU receive in return for your gratitude is so much more.

If you enjoyed my tips and want to learn more, sign up for my email list below and you’ll get more advice AND ways to improve your life.

Color therapy and how it can change your life

Lisette Fee

Years ago, when I worked a desk job, I had a supervisor that I was struggling to connect with and demonstrate that I was confident to perform my job. One day, I summoned confidence and courage with the color red. I wore my carved red dragon pendant and red lipstick. Does this sound silly? Maybe but it worked, subtly I channeled a side of me to own my presence and talent.

There’s a reason houses sell more quickly with a red door, it stands out. It’s striking and vibrant. There are so many different ways to use color to improve your life and well being.

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a non-invasive energy medicine (vibrational healing) modality. Color is simply a form of visible light, of electromagnetic energy. All the primary colors reflected in the rainbow carry their own unique healing properties.

The concept of color therapy is premised on the idea that on the surface of our skin, physical and energy systems of the body interface through the color vibrations found and utilized in the visible light spectrum. 12 vibrating fields of colors generate electrical and magnetic fields of energy that are prime activators of biochemical and hormonal processes, and also stimulate or sedate activities within the body that are necessary to balance every system and organ of the body.
— -Innovative Medicine

This is essentially the chakra system, an Eastern spiritual tradition that associates seven centers on the body with color and universal properties.

I’m a firm believer that we should trust ourselves more, our inner guide and teacher. Utilizing color and examining how you can change your mood, energy and mind through different therapies such as aromatherapy, color therapy, meditation is incredibly empowering. Now I’m not saying this is a cure-all, please consult your family doctor before you try any of this. However there are small things you can do that can simply improve your mood and mindset.


Light some sage OR burn an oil diffuser. I probably light my sage 2-3 times daily. I love the earthy scent.


The color GREEN is everywhere now, with Spring coming into full effect we NOT  can escape this rich and calming color.  But want to know a secret?

Bringing the color green into your home and life can bring YOU abundance and wealth
Color therapy is a fantastic way to call upon energies and manifests qualities we seek.  This is one of the reasons I'm using green stones such as malachite, agates and more in my upcoming collection.

I have yet to give it an official name or set date but stay tuned. 
You are going to LOVE this collection.

In the meantime, as you anxiously await these jewels to be listed.  I'm giving you some thoughts and ideas on how to use color therapy.

Green = abundance, wealth and vitality
Yellow = empowerment, increased well being and positivity
Red = energize, transformation and rebirth
Purple = spirituality, confidence and clarity
Blue = Relaxation, introspection and soothing vibes.

You can bring these colors and qualities into your life in so many ways.  By the what you wear, the jewelry you wear, your living space and office. 

Give it a try this week.  If you need some positive vibes, place yellow flowers at your desk.  If you need to chill out, look at water images on Pinterest. 

Subtle ways of infusing color therapy into your everyday life can have major impacts on your psyche and energy.


Five local photographers you should know and work with

Lisette Fee

In our day and age of consuming images and technology, a good photographer has never been more important. Not just that, the people behind the camera are even more important.

As a creative and jeweler I come in contact with many photographers and I have an impressive roster of super talented friends that know how to capture just the right image.

I’ve worked with the following individuals in different capacities, either for my jewelry brand or personally and they are each talented in a different way. Depending on the occasion, you want a photographer that knows how to set the scene or catch a certain pose and make sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth!

  1. Aileen Devlin - Ya’ll know she is my go-to woman for all my incredible up close jewelry shots. And this badass isn’t afraid to tell you how to switch up the look or smile etc. Aileen and I have worked together since the inception of my business and I trust her completely. Oh AND Aileen now shoots videos!

  2. Sim Asher - We’ve also worked together since 2012, Sim has a great eye for scenic shots and infusing an image with additional moodiness. Sim also is creative in creating strange and dreamy shots.

  3. Courtney Kerr - My fellow momboss shoots family and solo portraits and she is so good at making you feel comfortable and at ease. Courtney shot our family images and I was so pleased with the naturalness of our pictures, ones we will treasure for a long time.

  4. Gigi Hoggard - This lady knows how to sprinkle magic dust on her shoots, she will make you into Snow White, a Viking or a Prince. Seriously, Gigi creates the most stunning and enchanting images with her editing skills. She is also ridiculously funny and entertaining. You will have a blast with her!

  5. Carley Page Summers - Carley is a triple threat, she styles, shoots and shops for your home and photos. Technically I didn’t work with Carley on a photoshoot BUT she styled one of my trunk shows and honestly, I don’t need to work with her to know this woman has MAD design and photo skills. You will be taken to a serene and calm world with Carley!

It’s hard to decide my favorite Aileen Devlin image but this is in the top ten.

It’s hard to decide my favorite Aileen Devlin image but this is in the top ten.

Aileen Devlin takes immense care in setting up a shot. A mega skill of good photographers.

Love this dreamy shot of Ashleigh in the woods by Sim Asher.

Love this dreamy shot of Ashleigh in the woods by Sim Asher.

Sim works his best in the outdoors, he makes any outdoors scene otherwordly.

I am IN LOVE with the shots Courtney Kerr took of us. Look at how happy we are?!

I am IN LOVE with the shots Courtney Kerr took of us. Look at how happy we are?!

Courtney Kerr is such a pro, she helps relax a family by shooting in their habitat.

Summoning all the magic with Gigi Hoggard, how wicked is this shot?

Summoning all the magic with Gigi Hoggard, how wicked is this shot?

Gigi is one of those people that will get down and dirty to capture the essence of her subjects. And she sprinkles that magic dust to make the shot GLOW!

See the gorgeous blankets, plants and vibe? That’s Carley, literally in the background.

See the gorgeous blankets, plants and vibe? That’s Carley, literally in the background.

As soon as I met Carley I felt all this stylish, elegance and fun vibes from her, and so will you.

So that wraps this post on my favorite LOCAL Eastern North Carolina based photographers. There is so much talent in our region, which is why I post about it so much. Take this opportunity and book one of these awesome individuals because their calendars fill up fast!

Flashback to the time I co-produced a fashion show - Aurelian Nights

Lisette Fee

Confession time - I fancy myself fashion designing. When I was in early middle school, about twelve years old I dreamed of being on MTV House of Style or Fashion File - the big fashion shows on television. I would dream up weird yet artistic outfits. Once I sketched a harlequin ensemble! It was super cheesy but interesting.

Local college students, business owners and more were models for the event. We even had them walk down the street to promote the event.

Local college students, business owners and more were models for the event. We even had them walk down the street to promote the event.

So it’s no surprise that I finally lived out part of that dream in working on a jewelry and fashion show with my good friend Paula Chrismon. At the time, five years ago Paula owned a consignment boutique in Uptown Greenville and I had my studio at Art Avenue. And I loved the idea of merging the two, consignment fashion with art jewelry. Paula provided the clothing and shoes, while I worked with some of my art jeweler friends to provide the mega jewels. And all of the clothing and jewelry would be black and gold. Hence the name Aurelian (translates to Golden).

We worked it out that we secured sponsorships from local business’ at three monetary levels, $50, $75 and $100 this was able to pay for our lookbook, video, food and signage. It was probably one of the most ambitious and gratifying projects I’ve ever worked on. We were able to generate so much interest and attendance in the show that we were bursting at the seems, and mind you we didn’t charge an entrance fee for the event.

We even made a video, for which I’m so proud and happy we did. The video combined our love of fashion and production. You can watch it below.

Me with my friend Gabi. The show was the talk of the town.

Me with my friend Gabi. The show was the talk of the town.

Danielle James necklace - how amazing and cool is the way she created a brick window into a necklace?

Danielle James necklace - how amazing and cool is the way she created a brick window into a necklace?

I enlisted my friends to sell and promote the jewelry.

I enlisted my friends to sell and promote the jewelry.

When I recall this amazing event Paula and I put together I’m struck by how much I loved working with my friends and community in showcasing local talent. Granted it was alot of work however the fashion show elevated the status of consignment fashion and art jewelry. I think it’s so important to remove the curtain in a sense of art, to show it as everyday.

I’m hoping that I can work with other talented individuals in my new town of Farmville. What I’ve learned over the years is that when I work with others it makes a project not only more fun and enjoyable but also it creates alliances and new relationships that didn’t exist previously and those relationships carry over into future collaborations.

As always, thank you for reading and you can learn more about my projects and events below.

How being part of an Art collective taught me about business and my community

Lisette Fee

Having a community, especially in the art world, is like a warm fuzzy blanket. You feel supported, nurtured and warmed by the commraderie.

While I was studying at East Carolina University for my degree in jewelry and metals, I honestly didn’t have a plan for a studio or where I would work, it all kind of came together the year I graduated in 2012 when I moved into my studio space at Art Avenue. And it’s safe to say, I don’t think I would’ve been as successful in my city had it not been for my friends and companions at Art Avenue.

I tell this story a lot because I want others to know how much it helped my artistic development and I hope that others in the art field have the same kind of experience.
— Lisette Fee
Plant and Fug head by Andy Denton. Photo by Aileen Devlin.

Plant and Fug head by Andy Denton. Photo by Aileen Devlin.

I helped manage the gallery and retail space as well as the metals studio.

I helped manage the gallery and retail space as well as the metals studio.

The concept of the art collective/incubator came about from my friends Claire Edwards and Sarah Setzco. Claire’s father owns the building in which Art Avenue began. Claire and Sarah wanted to showcase local musicians, bands, artists and more. They began with several ‘pop up’ shows, I curated my first exhibition, Preyed Upon at Art Avenue and so within two years Claire and Sarah finally ordained the space Art Avenue. It worked out so smoothly because there was a good group of us ECU graduates that truly needed a place to grow and flex our skills. We had Aileen Devlin a photographer for the local paper, Andy Denton a sculptor and teacher at Pitt Community College, Jeremy Fineman a ceramicist and also instructor of ceramics and art, Autumn Brown set up the metals studio that I eventually inherited. While Claire and Sarah managed the business and finances of our collective the rest of us worked towards promotion of events, installing exhibitions and studio rental spaces.

Mind you, none of us were paid. It was a labor of love as well as perhaps some of our own self interests in understanding the mechanics of running a gallery space. Art Avenue was part of a new revival in Uptown Greenville, there were graduating artists from ECU that needed space to show and sell work.

What did I learn from my experience at Art Avenue?

  • I understood how partnering with local businesses helped expose each other and generate awareness and sales.

  • I learned how HARD it is to get the community and people in Pitt County to attend art events. In a strange we (the art community) lived in our own bubble, so it took extra exposure to get attendance.

  • Working with local press, influencers and social media is HUGE to generating excitement and appreciation for art.

  • My friends and fellow artists contributed to the success of my jewelry company. Aileen Devlin is still my go to photographer and she shares my jewelry with all her friends and family. Andy Denton and Autumn Brown helped set up the casting studio in which I created my jewelry.

  • I co-created my first fashion show event with my friend Paula Chrismon and began shooting videos and lookbooks because of the space and talent I had to work with.

  • Not everyone is cut out for an art incubator space; it takes an artist at a certain point in their career to work in a shared space.

  • when you have a community with you; the sky is the limit. Seriously, there is so much at your fingertips that you may not be aware of.

It was a complete volunteer effort in creating designated studio spaces.

It was a complete volunteer effort in creating designated studio spaces.

Andy Denton preparing our new studio walls.

Andy Denton preparing our new studio walls.

In the end Art Avenue struggled to survive (many of the original Art Avenue board members moved to new cities and opportunities), but the basis of what we created was a haven and space to share our art and that of others which provided so much culture and vibrancy to Greenville. And now there are new spaces popping up and I”m sure there will continue to be art havens. For example, The Art Lab run by the Pitt County Council of the Arts which pretty much has the same concept that Art Avenue had except this endeavor is funded by an already established nonprofit.

Art Avenue was very instrumental in getting my business off the ground, and I will forever be grateful to the community and support it provided me. And as it is with these kinds of posts, I urge you to support your local artists, makers and entrepreneurs because they are so vital to the health and happiness of your community.

I'm a guest on What's Up Greenville Podcast

Lisette Fee

I had such a great time recording with Frank and Bill.

I had such a great time recording with Frank and Bill.

I’m so excited to share with you my first podcast recording and with a local podcast nonetheless!

As you’ve seen from some of my previous posts, I so enjoy podcasts. Especially when I’m working in my studio and I can learn about all sorts of new things while also working on my jewelry pieces.

Frank and Bill Thurman of What’s Up Greenville created the podcast to share with people all the awesome and amazing things there are to do and learn about Greenville.

I share my story of working in the arts community of Greenville and Pitt County and also what it’s like working as a new mom and resident of Farmville, just fifteen minutes from Greenville. We also get into the current state of the arts scene.

I hope you’ll give it a listen and subscribe to What’s Up Greenville, because they are fun and share so much about our awesome city!