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What is it about Magic?

Lisette Fee

Several weeks ago I rented Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I'd already seen it but I loved it so much I had to watch it again. 

Which got me thinking, what is it about magicians, sorceress, witches and the entire genre of fantasy that has become SO popular these days? There seems to be an explosion lately of anything related to magic and fantasy - Harry Potter, The Magicians tv show, tarot cards, The Vampire Diaries - I could go on and on. 

The Golden thread tarot deck

The Golden thread tarot deck

I could easily google this theme and give you data on it but I'd rather muse on why I believe you and the rest of the world are fascinated by magic.  And here is one BIG theme with magic - law of attraction - if you send out the energy of belief in the ephemeral and unknown it will be present in your life.  Magic is about energy and believing in the power of intention.   For example, when I sit to do a tarot spread I silently meditate on my current life situation as well as what I'd like answered in the spread.  My mind ruminates and as I shuffle the cards and lay them out.  The cards shown provide insight into what is happening in my life - the cards pulled are not random but pulled with intention. 

Magic isn't random, it's energy and the unexplainable yet comprehensible.  My belief is that our world needs magic and faith in the unseen, in the ephemeral.  We crave an alternate world, perhaps an escape from 'real life' from the mundane but here is the crux of it - our current world needs us to be present.  Not stuck in our phones, in the internet universe.  We need to tie the two together.  Magic and reality. 

To some or perhaps skeptics and realists would say that believing in magic is infantile or immature - words that associate it with children and innocence.  However there is a purity and a sense of pure trust in magic and that is powerful.  One must also have a healthy dose of respect for magic. 

Talismans have been incorporated in magic and can hold magical properties (aka The One Ring to rule them all) and perhaps that's one reason I find jewelry amazing.  That it can hold intention, provide power and guidance in our world.  Jewelry is the object that contains the magic. 

Okay I could go on and on on this subject and I've take a month to write what was supposed to be a brief post - however I hope that you'll find my post inspiring and one that brings perhaps some clarity or excitement about the possibilities of what our future holds in regards to the magical realm.