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The third element

Lisette Fee

If you live on the upper/mid east coast or midwest you probably got snow this past weekend, and wasn't it lovely?  We don't get much snow in eastern North Carolina or NC for that matter but when we do we celebrate and worry about it endlessly.  I took this time to begin planning, planning and more planning for the next couple of months and the year ahead. 

At Art Avenue in Uptown Greenville four years ago. 

At Art Avenue in Uptown Greenville four years ago. 

That's what I love about this time of year, I used to not be such a planner but over the years I've come to relish reviewing my goals and dreams and putting them into perspective.   We can start over again, in a sense and have a clean slate.  I'll admit it can be overwhelming but if you take goals and break them down into pieces, it's much more digestible. 

I experienced many changes last year, moving my studio into my new home and participating in new shows.  Some were worthwhile and others perhaps not.

With that said, I want to take this opportunity to let you in on my goals and changes for Eilisain this year. 

1.  Less craft shows with emphasis on local events and shows. 
As you can imagine with a baby coming this year I'll be hunkering down at home, but I'd still like to have local and statewide visibility.  I began cutting back on shows last year, as much as I loved traveling up the east coast, it simply was not feasible. 

2.  More of an insiders experience online. 
With less exposure out in the show circuit, I still want to give you an experience of what it's like wearing and feeling Eilisain Jewelry.  I'll provide videos and ways for you to wear Eilisain.  Along with more feedback and reviews of pieces and collections.

3.  Prices will go up. 
This will probably catch your attention; as with everything in our economy and life, prices of our jewelry will go up but not significantly.  With some of my most popular pieces, specifically the owl talon pieces I've held those prices in places for the past four years.   Changes in price will occur in mid February, after our Valentines day sale.  So take advantage now until then!

4.  Finally, a new collection release!
I was quite bad about this last year, I just couldn't get a new one together but this year my goal is to continue with two new collections with dreamy photos and video.  It's not the easiest feat to get them done but I know you love it and so do I! I'm already in the stages of working on the Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

5.  Meditation and dreamtime
I wrote about this in my previous posts; and I imagine it'll be even more of a challenge with a baby around, however I really want to increase and devote more time to meditation, reading and listening to my inner teacher and voice.  This not only helps me personally but also with Eilisain.  Both are directly connected, Eilisain is a vision of my dreams and hopes. 

After reading all of this, you're probably thinking, umm okay but what does the 'third element have to do with goal setting'?  I like to think of it as an overarching theme,  three is a powerful number and for this it means to me several - body, mind and spirit, a baby making our family three, my three cats (I kid), holy trinity, the three planes of existence, etc. 

So stay with me in reading the Eilisain blog and I'll take you on this journey!

And thank you for reading.