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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Methods

Shipments made within United States are a $9 rate shipped 2-day priority mail.  All shipments are mailed through the United States Postal Services (USPS) and insured for $50 and under. Once your item has been shipped you will received a mailing confirmation with a tracking code.  If you would like to request full insurance for your item please let me know in the notes section of your payment.  

For ALL international orders $35 flat shipping rate.  For international mailing, I mail through USPS; Once your item has been shipped you will receive a mailing confirmation with a tracking code.  Once your international order ships, we can not track or ensure your package.  Please understand that this is a risk that you are taking when using USPS.

***For INTERNATIONAL orders: If you would like further insurance or a different mail carrier please contact me to discuss.  Email:

United States Postal Service



Return Policy

No refunds.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.   Please think seriously about your purchase and should you have any questions I'm more than happy answer them!  We are willing to exchange an item for equal or lesser value, or the combination of 2-3 items that equal the value of purchased item.

Items mailed within the United States are insured for up to $50; lost or damaged shipments are not our responsibility.  If you are completely unhappy with an item, I am willing to discuss an exchange for another item.  


Gold Plated:  If your jewelry is gold plated, treat it just as you would solid gold jewelry, gently clean with dishwashing soap and warm water but be careful not to scratch or use any abrasive materials.  Remove your jewelry whenever you wash your hands. 

Bronze (non-plated):  To polish all bronze and silver jewelry use an old soft tshirt or polishing cloth and gently rub the jewelry. 

Silver:  Store your jewelry in a plastic bag with chalk or with a no tarnish strip.  

***For any jewelry with a rough gemstone in talon claws, remove your jewelry before washing your hands or doing any rough activity to protect the stone and your jewelry***

If you have any questions regarding the care of your jewelry do not hesitate to contact us.  I truly hope you enjoy your new jewelry!