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Dream a little dream


Dream a little dream

Lisette Fee

Now that most of us are recovering from Christmas and most of the holiday events, it's time to take a moment to appreciate our dreams.

Valkeryie Collection photo by Aileen Devlin.

Valkeryie Collection photo by Aileen Devlin.

I got some inspiration last night reading a new book and I got to a part where the author stresses the importance and meaning of dream time.  Intentional dreaming and the kind we have every night.  It got me thinking about the repeated dreams I have of rooms and houses and secret passageways.  It's a very recurrent theme in my dreams. 

Do you have recurrent symbols or images in your dreams? And then what are the actual things that you 'dream' of, such as traveling, ideas, objects etc? One very key part of dreaming is to write the good ones down, maybe even the bad ones.  It's part of how we remember them and also achieve our dreams. 

Over the years I've discovered that much of what I do on a day to day basis, in terms of achieving my dreams is writing them down and taking them in bite size attainable goals.  Back in 2006 when I was working a full time advocacy job in Washington, DC and taking evening jewelry classes I made a very concentrated effort achieve my dream of being a jeweler.  And I'm not sure I consciously thought that in ten years I would be here today running my own business but that was the end goal.  I began looking for part time jobs in the jewelry field, continued taking classes and within three years going to school to study jewelry and metalsmithing.  All the while I kept a 'dream journal' I wrote down these goals, I verbalized them and I dreamt and dreamt up possibilities. 

I share this with you because dreams are VERY powerful, only when they are set in motion.   And the main ethos of Eilisain Jewelry is the Powerfully Divine.  So I would love for you too the have the essence and try to live it on a daily basis.   You can achieve the wildest dream ever, if you work to make it happen.  If you believe and continue to dream. 

Thus, I suggest to you to take some time before or in the beginning of the new year and dream, big and small.  Let your mind wander and visualize a limitless future.  And even if you don't write them down, I'll bet you feel energized and rejuvenated.