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For every season, turn, turn, turn...


For every season, turn, turn, turn...

Lisette Fee

Even though it isn't officially Autumn, it seems that just the fact that it's September feels like a shift in color, clothing and feelings.

Many changes are happening and it seems like it really hit just within the past several weeks.  My studio is now in my home, my schedule has changed AND my beloved intern is moving to a new city and opportunity.  I'm quite sad and very happy for Ashton.  She has only been with me for a year and yet I've come to love having her in the studio helping me.  Honestly it wasn't just that she was helping me crank out work but that I felt like a team, that there was someone else there to share ideas and thoughts with. 

As you may gather, being a jeweler and a small business owner, it can get a bit lonely at times, and me being the social butterfly that I am - I love to flutter my wings and commiserate with others. 

Thus, this month I'll cherish every minute having her in the studio with me and have a special send off for her.  Ashton will be moving to the grand city of Chicago to begin working with another talented jeweler.  I'll keep you posted and share with you of my studio happenings - SO STAY TUNED AND STAY LOVELY!