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How a custom order works at Eilisain


How a custom order works at Eilisain

Lisette Fee

Custom orders are one of my favorite processes/parts of being a jeweler.  It's intimate and refreshing.  I get challenged and I get to make someone, a very special person happy with their very own - custom designed piece of jewelry.

So how does the process go? Well, the first stage is really up to you, the client.  What do you envision? The color and type of stone, if you want a stone at all? And what metal?

Once I receive an email with the inquiry/request I begin the process of asking these questions, along with providing a timeline.  Then we set parameters, I provide when a sketch will be sent or if it is a local person we meet and discuss various versions of the final piece. 

Many times I have clients come to me with a stone that they've had in possession or one that was previously worn by a family member.  To me, this creates a sacred part of the jewelry.  For me to work around their special object is an honor. 

Throughout the entire process of working on their custom jewelry, I provide photos of in process working on their jewelry and asking for their opinion and input.  I want to ensure that they are completely happy and pleased with their custom jewelry.

And if at any point throughout the design process my client isn't pleased OR I feel that my aesthetic isn't their style, I am always happy to refer them to one of my many fellow friends/jewelers that can assist them. 

I hope this post provides you with better insight into the custom jewelry design process as well as how I work with clients.  Perhaps in the future, you may want a piece designed.  Just shoot me an email, or call me!

Stay lovely dear friends!