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5 ways you can celebrate Earth Day everyday

Lisette Fee

As ya'll know I'm a big environmentalist and lover of animals and protecting their habitat so it's no surprise that I'd give you a blog post on Earth Day.

I don't think there's ever been a more urgent time or call to action to do more to protect Mother Earth - the current administration is removing protections to sacred lands and animals everyday.  So with that said, I wanted to share some super easy ways you can help reduce waste, recycle and reuse everyday!

1.  Use your own shopping bags - This one is a no brainer and super easy to do.  Keep several large shopping bags in your car and take them with you when you shop.  I probably have 5-6 in my truck, from small to large.

2.  Refuse a straw - Okay, this one has been a bit hard for me to do but I find I'm resisting straws more often now.  You'd be amazed how this small item has directly impacted animals in the ocean to land fills.  Granted I understand it'd be harder to do this when ordering from drive thru but every little bit helps.

3.  Purchase products with less packaging - This is one that I've become more aware of.  Think about it, why is there a need for tons of wrappers and plastic? For example, panty liners (lol I know a bit personal) but why do they need to be individually wrapped, or tampons too. 

4.  RECYCLE and REUSE - another no brainer, set aside a special recycle bin in your household.  And if your neighborhood doesn't collect recycling find your own center to recycle.
And reusing take out containers, bags and more helps save you money and time.  We love using old chinese take out containers for left overs.

5.  Buy less - So this is a win-win situation, buy less 'fast fashion', make up products etc.  And repair old items, buy items that are long lasting and well made.  Think of them as investment pieces.  You'll save money and cherish your items more. 

Photo by Katerina Plotnikova. 

Photo by Katerina Plotnikova. 

So if anything, try as much as you can to be conscious of your shopping and lifestyle habits that impact the earth.  For as much as our planet gives us, we can give back.

Thanks for reading!