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Juggling being a mom and a boss babe

Lisette Fee

For some reason it's really hit me over the past several weeks how overwhelming it's become to be a stay at home mom/working mom/part time worker.  Maybe it's because Tallulah is now 5 months old and we're reaching the age where she's really becoming a person, aka laughing, smiling, babbling and almost eating real food.  I lay in bed at night mulling over my business, how to be creative and make it all work.  I know, it is a bit unrealistic to 'make it all work' because really it won't ever be perfect.  And I can't have one part of my life be fantastic without one chunk of it taking a hit.

Tallulah and I on a mommy and me lunch date.  She was about three months old.

Tallulah and I on a mommy and me lunch date.  She was about three months old.

And I want to share this with you because I want to be transparent and also provide some background as to why it's taking me SO long to get new designs and pieces on the website. 

I also know that as a consumer myself, I like seeing new and fresh ideas come from the makers and people I support as well.  I'm slowly learning how to schedule my free time, with sketching, creating, organizing my studio and workspace along with finishing custom orders, regular orders AND the upcoming holiday show schedule.

...a giant swell of emotion came over me - I am doing what I love, what I envisioned close to twenty years ago when I was only dreaming of becoming a creative person.

I volley between feeling completely overwhelmed and lost to determination and resolve to prioritize my time.  What usually ends up throwing my confidence is when I do the comparison game, and knowing that there is SO much that I want to improve with my business.  Then my mind spirals into an abyss of all the tasks I want to accomplish. 

So here it is folks - it's going to take me time and understanding to get to a place that flows.  In the end I have to say that I'm incredibly blessed with a supportive family and worklife that allows me to spend time with my daughter as well as run a business that I love.  Last week, as I sat at my desk journaling these exact same feelings a giant swell of emotion came over me - I am doing what I love, what I envisioned close to twenty years ago when I was only dreaming of becoming a creative person.  And I knew in that instant that I am willing to fight and work incredibly hard to keep my dream alive. It may sounds cheesy but in this current world where many individuals feel helpless or unworthy, one can not take for granted the opportunity to do what you love. 

I hope that this post gives you encouragement to follow your own dreams, because it is worth it.  Allow yourself to dream to incredible heights with limitless possibilities.  It is what gives the rest of us hope and light.

thank you for dreaming and allowing me to dream!

Why you should sign up for my newsletter

Lisette Fee

I'm sure you get inundated, like myself with lots of emails.  And half the time you may not even open them.

However I will tell you that there are probably a handful of newsletters that I truly enjoy getting and that I KNOW I'll learn something new.  And that is what you get when you sign up for Eilisain Jewelry Newsletter.

Taking the time to smell the flowers....that's what my newsletter is about!

Taking the time to smell the flowers....that's what my newsletter is about!

Here are some very good reasons as to why you should sign up for my E-LIST.

  • I'll tell you how to take care of your Eilisain Jewelry, as well as all of your jewelry.  Such as, how to remove tarnish on silver or repair it yourself.
  • You'll understand how to wear your jewelry - new and fun ways to be creative with adornment
  • You get special invitations to shows and events across the country
  • Learn about tarot, herbs, essential oils and more from other artists and people in the local NC community.
  • Find out more about our future collections and what we're doing in the studio 
  • YOU get FIRST dibs on new collections and SALES
    Whoops, last and BEST reason why? You get 15% off your first order when you sign up!

I provide to my subscribers the first chance on sales and first pick to new pieces.  And also I won't spam you, yes I email about once a week which pales in comparison to the deluge of emails you will probably get from other sources.  

So I hope these reasons will only further encourage you to sign up
As always - stay golden!

5 ways you can celebrate Earth Day everyday

Lisette Fee

As ya'll know I'm a big environmentalist and lover of animals and protecting their habitat so it's no surprise that I'd give you a blog post on Earth Day.

I don't think there's ever been a more urgent time or call to action to do more to protect Mother Earth - the current administration is removing protections to sacred lands and animals everyday.  So with that said, I wanted to share some super easy ways you can help reduce waste, recycle and reuse everyday!

1.  Use your own shopping bags - This one is a no brainer and super easy to do.  Keep several large shopping bags in your car and take them with you when you shop.  I probably have 5-6 in my truck, from small to large.

2.  Refuse a straw - Okay, this one has been a bit hard for me to do but I find I'm resisting straws more often now.  You'd be amazed how this small item has directly impacted animals in the ocean to land fills.  Granted I understand it'd be harder to do this when ordering from drive thru but every little bit helps.

3.  Purchase products with less packaging - This is one that I've become more aware of.  Think about it, why is there a need for tons of wrappers and plastic? For example, panty liners (lol I know a bit personal) but why do they need to be individually wrapped, or tampons too. 

4.  RECYCLE and REUSE - another no brainer, set aside a special recycle bin in your household.  And if your neighborhood doesn't collect recycling find your own center to recycle.
And reusing take out containers, bags and more helps save you money and time.  We love using old chinese take out containers for left overs.

5.  Buy less - So this is a win-win situation, buy less 'fast fashion', make up products etc.  And repair old items, buy items that are long lasting and well made.  Think of them as investment pieces.  You'll save money and cherish your items more. 

Photo by Katerina Plotnikova. 

Photo by Katerina Plotnikova. 

So if anything, try as much as you can to be conscious of your shopping and lifestyle habits that impact the earth.  For as much as our planet gives us, we can give back.

Thanks for reading!

The nesting period is over

Lisette Fee

I'd be remiss if I didn't elaborate more on my pregnancy; despite being my own boss I still answer to someone and that's you!  With that said, I'm due any moment now and I'm quite thrilled, nervous, scared and ready.   And I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and plans on this new phase in my life. 

Tallulah's room.  I had such a fun time decorating it.

Tallulah's room.  I had such a fun time decorating it.

As an artist and jeweler I create for a living but now I'm creating something that will be my most precious treasure and it will change everything.  The most beneficial part of being my own boss is that I work from home (most of the time) and I'm so incredibly blessed and thankful for that, I'll be able care for Tallulah and have the flexibility to work in my home studio.  Yet it'll be a balance of juggling home life and work life all in the same space. 

What changes can you expect with your Eilisain Jewelry orders?
I'm taking three weeks of 'maternity leave' - it won't be official as business never really stops but I will be more removed from social media posts and marketing.
With that said, it will take me a bit longer to respond to inquiries and direct messages, perhaps 2-3 days.
I will of course continue to take your orders, as I've already prepared stock inventory and new one of a kind pieces ready to ship.  It may take a bit longer though for select pieces of jewelry.  And as you know I'll communicate with you the timeline of your order.

Leading up to the pregnancy it's definitely been a bit of struggle using my hands, which I didn't think would be an issue.  No one really talks about the bloated and swelling feeling you can get in the latter stages of pregnancy.  As well as being constantly tired.  It's been frustrating as I'm used to being able to run around and get things done.  

I think I was about 30 weeks pregnant in this photo. 

I think I was about 30 weeks pregnant in this photo. 

It's a strange feeling carrying another life in your body and feeling the movements.  It'll be strange when she's actually born to meet someone that has been in the womb for nine months.  I've been reading as many books as I can get my hands on, reread them and imagined what it'll be like holding her and as you'd imagine, it probably won't compare to the real thing.  I've compared it to taking a test or preparing for a marathon, you can train and study all you want but you won't know the experience until you actually have it.

Anywho, I wanted to share with you a little bit of what I've been going through personally.  And those of you that do know, thank you so much for your constant support and generosity - it has meant SO much!

As always thank you for reading. 

Repurposing your old jewelry

Lisette Fee

Back when I worked at the Jewelry Doctor, the jewelry repair shop in Greenville NC, I learned SO many tricks and ways to repair and assist people with the smallest of jewelry woes. 

You wouldn't believe how many times people would bring in costume and mall jewelry that was honestly so cherished they couldn't stand to see it'd broken and not wear it.  We also received beautiful antique gold, silver and plated jewelry that needed extreme sensitivity. 

Ellis Cutrell, the Jewelry Doctor and my mentor.

Ellis Cutrell, the Jewelry Doctor and my mentor.

So with this post I want to give you some insider secrets on how to make your jewelry last and turn it into new and beloved pieces of jewelry

1.  Buy yourself flat nosed pliers and epoxy -  These are the two main tools that you'll need for very simple repairs.  Whether it be from connecting a jump ring or gluing back rhinestones or faux gemstones.  Often times customers would need just a simple connection of parts that had come undone. 

And epoxy is fantastic for all sorts of things, especially gluing back rhinestones or costume jewelry.  But one word caution DO NOT USE IT ON REAL GEMSTONES.  Leave that to the experts. 

Simple silver jump rings can save your jewelry!

Simple silver jump rings can save your jewelry!

2.  The MISSING earring - It happens to all of us, you've got those awesome cocktail earrings or chandelier earrings as we say and the other falls off or simply gets lost.  It's the worst because you really love them.  The SOLUTION? Turn that single pair of earring into a pendant! Yes, it'll be a perfect centerpiece on your neck AND eye catching.  You may need to buy a small box of steel wire jump rings (essentially small round rings to connect pieces) and these can easily be purchased at your local Michaels or AC Moore. 

3.  The missing stone - I think this is the worst loss for any piece of jewelry, and sometimes it can be irreplaceable.  Here are several solutions to this conundrum:
-If it's semiprecious or gold/silver jewelry, take it to your local jewelry repair shop and ask if they can locate a matching stone. 
-Redesign the piece using the old gold/silver with your local jewelry pair expert.  They can again, turn it into a pendant or a new ring.  The cost is not as much since you'll be reusing the same gold and silver with the time of your expert. 
-Mail in the gold/silver and leftover stones to a metal supply company such as Hoover & Strong.  They will either give you credit or send you a check!
These are honestly your best options when it comes to a missing stone.

4.  Your silver jewelry is tarnished and black -  It's a fact of life, oxygen begins to slowly blacken and tarnish your silver, especially the silver you want shiny! Thus there are several at home remedies that can work wonders to fix this problem.
-Keep a spare piece of chalk with your silver to ward off tarnish.  This handles the issue from the beginning.
At home silver tarnish removal:
Line the bottom of a glass baking dish with aluminum foil
Fill the dish with steaming hot water
Add salt (sodium chloride) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the water. Some recipes call for 2 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp salt, whereas others call for 2 tablespoons each of baking soda and salt. Personally, I wouldn't measure the amounts... just add a bit of each substance.
Drop the silver items into the container so that they are touching each other and resting on the foil. You will be able to watch the tarnish disappear.
Leave heavily tarnished items in the solution for as long as 5 minutes. Otherwise, remove the silver when it appears clean.
Rinse the silver with water and gently buff it dry with a soft towel.

5.  And lastly, if all else fails.  Take your cherished pieces to an expert.  It goes without saying that repairs are best done by those that know what they're doing.  And if you're completely clueless, that's okay! Invest the money and you will be glad you did!

I hope that my advice and tricks help you maintain and repair your own jewelry.  It'll make you feel empowered and satisfied!