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Who is Ursula?

Lisette Fee

When I was dreaming up my newest collection, set to release in Monday, March 20th, I wanted to present a contradiction of dark and light.  To me it is a universal truth in our world - that you can't have light without dark and vice versa.  Often times it's a tough pill for many of us to swallow.  Why wouldn't we want to be happy all the time? But I've learned over the years that going through difficult times and situations can make you so much stronger and change your destiny.


Ursula is that evil queen that shows us our mirror image - y'know the one that you don't show anyone? Just like in the Little Mermaid movie, she revels in her naughtiness, in her own self obsession.  But without her would we acknowledge that inner demon? I don't think many of us would. 

So with this collection, of varying pieces and combination of Eilisain elements, such as the crow claw, bird bones, owl talons along with sea shells I went to work with using a bit of everything.  AND I am excited that I got to work with Becky Parker, primarily a lifestyle photographer.  We had fun shooting my friend Dru Lindsay Patrick - with her shock of red hair and sassy attitude. 

We shot looks that had a ethereal quality as well as sublime, moodier looks.  I can't wait to share them with you and especially this month - of the Pisces - it's my favorite time of year.

As always thank you for reading!