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Ten things about me you didn't know


Ten things about me you didn't know

Lisette Fee

Last week I had an acquaintance tell me that she had no idea I made a complete career switch at the age of 30 years old. And then I began thinking, there’s probably alot that you don’t know about me or my jewelry.

  1. I used to be really scared of cats and animals in general!
    I bet you weren’t even thinking that’d be one of them. One time in college I was at a friends house and her bunny escaped. She told me to go grab her and I was too scared she’d bite me! I had no clue how to handle small creatures.

  2. I was a college radio DJ.
    Yes, I managed the R&B portion. I love music and mixing songs.

  3. I’ve lived in Japan, Uruguay, El Salvador, Panama and the United States.
    My dad was in the Army and we traveled every 2-3 years before the age of 14years old.

  4. At one point I had four part time jobs all at once and I was getting my second college degree. I worked as a jewelry repair assistant, at a law firm, my radio DJ job AND I was teaching jewelry and metals! Whew I definitely took on too much that year.

  5. I climbed Mount Washington
    I nearly lost my marbles on the ascent - I had a complete melt down BUT I climbed that mountain and I’m really proud of it.

  6. I was bit by a dog on my butt.
    It was so embarrassing at the emergency room.

  7. My middle name, Montserrat comes from a mountain in Spain where nuns live.

  8. I have the same birthday as Albert Einstein AND our years match, Albert Einstein is March 14, 1879 and mine is March 14th 1979. For some reason I think this is pretty freaking cool.

  9. Initially my dream was to be a fashion designer, then a geologist.

  10. I believed in Santa Claus until I was thirteen years old. I’m a dreamer - what can I say?