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Are you a Bourbon Bride?


Are you a Bourbon Bride?

Lisette Fee

That is to say, are you a nontraditional bride? These days weddings have completely changed, they aren’t the usual church, white wedding gown and country club wedding.

Ceremonies nowadays can take place anywhere, with a bride and groom chucking the norm and doing it their own way. And I totally love that! My wedding was a bit different, we got married outside of our favorite restaurant and I wore pink. I’ve had friends get married at an artist retreat outside, in gardens, at science museums and wear purple. Who cares whats traditional when you can truly make your wedding day unique and different?

Thus I’m super happy to have been accepted into the Bourbon Bridal show happening Sunday, January 20th in Durham at the Cookery. I participated in the show two years ago and I had so much fun. The vendors at the Bourbon Bride Bridal show cater to couples that want the unusual, people that come from all backgrounds. There were vintage interior designers offering a special way to decorate the event, floral designers that create super cool floral arrangements and more.

Speaking of nontraditional weddings, how about a bridal photoshoot at a cemetery?! For my first bridal photoshoot we shot it at a local cemetery and it gave our shoot an ethereal and heavenly quality. I mean when you get down to it, committing your life to one partner is beyond this world, so why not make it extra special? To make a sacred vow that is eternal sorta relates to the morbid beauty of being buried together.

Okay back to the beauty of life, I’ve created custom designs for a variety of couples and brides. As a result of Bourbon Bride I met Brenna and she had me custom create a set of earrings, necklace and ring for her wedding day. She sent me a set of gorgeous genuine London topaz stones her father mined and had polished. Don’t they look stunning set in the owl talons?

London blue topaz set in 18kt gold owl talons for a bride.

London blue topaz set in 18kt gold owl talons for a bride.

If you’re curious about the custom design process check out my page that goes over the process and I ask you questions to delve deeper into your tastes and thoughts one what you may want created.

My favorite part of the custom design process is that I get incredibly challenged to create new pieces and it pushes me to go further.