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My favorite all natural HANDMADE beauty products


My favorite all natural HANDMADE beauty products

Lisette Fee

Over the course of the past three years I’ve truly begun to move towards consuming all natural and organic products in addition to using more oils, cultivating a garden and reducing our waste as a family. One of my new favorite hacks is creating my own home cleaning products. I use vinegar, lemon juice, water and a dash of eucalyptus oil to clean my counters. We have begun composting and we’re planning to expand our vegetable and herb garden next year.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I really love using handmade beauty products. When I use the term handmade I truly mean handmade. The herbs have been either harvested or ethically sourced and even some of the marketing materials have been created by the maker. I know personally several of the owners of these companies and I just LOVE it that I can shop with them versus CVS or Target. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good clearance item at Target but the core products I use are small business owned and most likely female owned.

Totally cheesy photo of me but I post it to show you how great my skin looks with no makeup because I use Priya’s Deep Radiance Face cream nightly!

Totally cheesy photo of me but I post it to show you how great my skin looks with no makeup because I use Priya’s Deep Radiance Face cream nightly!

So I’d love to share my favorite products made by some amazingly talented bossbabes:

  1. Priya Means Love - I’ve mentioned her products before on my here and suffice it to say, I’m a loyal fan of her rich, creamy and absolutely earthy goodness creams, lotions, balms and fragrances. Priya and I met years ago at the Craft Bastards Craft show in DC and we had a lil trade which led me to being addicted to her goods!

  2. Lo&Behold - I absolutely love Lizzie and her delicious products. We met several years ago at a local craft show and her lotions and potions are just incredible AND she employs young adults to help her craft her products. She uses all natural ingredients and they just make you FEEL SO good!

  3. Ritual Elements - I discovered Nique’s products several months ago by chance on Etsy and I’ve given several of her Room + Body Self love sprays as gifts to my friends. These make fantastic wellness gifts for special people in your life, and for yourself. Her bath bombs are tiny treasures with hidden treasures!

  4. Mother Mountain herbals - When I need a dusting of coco rose dry shampoo I turn to Mother mountain. I discovered them through my stockist Everyday Magic and I’ve been a loyal fan of their products. Stina also got her start creating her creations in Asheville, so I love the extra North Carolina representation.

natural products .png

I’m sure I’ll add more to that list however I’m kinda itching to create my own! Since we’ve begun our herb and vegetable garden it has gotten me closer and more comfortable handling plants. With that I also want to venture myself in creating my own remedies, oils, tinctures and more. You can say I’m a novice of herbal studies and I”m really loving it.

There is such a wonderful feeling in getting a bit dirty, using your hands and body to become familiar with the earth. I urge you to move towards more natural and organic products. It’s better for you and our world.

As always thank you for reading and stay tuned for my herbal studies progress. Join my email list and I’ll share more with you!