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Terms & Conditions

No animals were harmed in the process of my jewelry making.  I have a very high respect for the wildlife and creatures of the world.  
Ethics on organic materials:

*Deer antler was naturally shed
*Owl talon was used once and replaced in the wild.  
*Black coral was found on the beaches of Isla Grande in Panama.
*turtle shell was found in the wild after the turtle died.  
*crow claw was also found in the wild.
*badger claw was found in the wild.
*Beaver teeth were purchased from an ethical source and not killed for the teeth.

We make several contributions throughout the year to several environmental and wildlife organizations such as The Sierra Club, The Ocean Conservancy, The Nature Converancy and the Center for Biological Diversity.  We urge you to do the same, every little bit helps.

I am willing and happy to work with customers that have specific requests, such as using a stone, casting a specific object or old metal they want to create into something new or discuss a jewelry idea.  I  request 3-6 weeks of time to produce the requested jewelry.  

A 30% deposit is required for non refundable for custom orders.  This is required to ensure that my time and materials cost are covered.