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Giving Tuesday and everyday


Giving Tuesday and everyday

Lisette Fee

As some of you may have noticed, the last weekend in November - aka post Thanksgiving - is a MAJOR shopping weekend for the holidays.  It's major not only for small business' like mine and makers but also for people like you that love to shop!

With all that said, our culture has become a bit, obsessed if you will, with buying and purchasing.  And just as much as I LOVE shopping.  I also love GIVING. 

So this year I wanted to give BIG back to a cause that has truly gained much traction and focus, not from our crappy media but from people all over the world that have sided with the Native Americans the are speaking for mother earth.   Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline is huge, not sure for the residents of North Dakota and the surrounding region but for many average Americans that live in the four states that it would cross.

Thus, I decided that 25% (which is a big chunk of money) from my sales would go to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  Honestly I've never donated such a large amount and it felt amazing - that YOU helped in that cause and that deep down I feel that they will stop the evil and greedy companies that want to desecrate the land.  

Today is known as Giving Tuesday, if you weren't able to shop with me these past several days, I hope that you will take a moment and donate what you can to your favorite charity.  IT really is a big day for nonprofit organizations that work so hard everyday to speak for the unspoken, to help those in need. 

Because this time of year is all about love and celebrating new life