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History of Crows


History of Crows

Lisette Fee

Do you notice how often you spot a crow? I do, and lately it's been alot! When I was in Canada last week, we stopped off on the side of the road to get a gorgeous view of the inlet and mountains near Squamish.  After we parked the car and walked around a bit, I noticed a very large crow in the parking lot, I was blown away by how large and relaxed it was.  It could've been a crow.  Either way, I couldn't get over the beauty of this black bird.

The natives of the Pacific Northwest revered the crow, as do many cultures.  They are prominent in the totem poles and mythology of the Squamish natives. 

Perhaps one of the most amazing qualities of the crow family of birds is how incredibly intelligent they are, and I do believe this is the major reason why they figure prominently in mythology.  Crows remember and connect with us, such as the little girl that kept bringing a crow food so the crow in return brought gifts for the little girl.  They can carry messages across long distances - distances as far as death. 

What has your interaction been with the crow? Has it been positive or negative? Or do you simply revere it's intelligence and beauty?