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Introducing my wedding jewelry page

Lisette Fee

It’s about time I dedicated one spot on my website for you to shop my ‘wedding’ jewelry. I put that in quotes because if you want, ANY of my jewelry could be wedding jewelry. But honestly, if it makes it easier for you to shop specifically wedding styles then, duh? why not?!!!

I also wanted to highlight some of the custom wedding pieces I’ve created over the years. As you’ve read here before I truly enjoy the process of creating special ritual jewelry - and probably the biggest ritual of our lives will be a wedding!

The earrings below were created as a set for a client who had a perfect set of london blue topaz stones for earrings, a ring and a necklace. These were cast in 18kt karat yellow gold. Aren’t they stunning? I’ll be honest I was a nervous wreck setting them!

Nontraditional wedding jewelry truly gives you so much more meaning and when YOU are involved in the design process it adds even more intention and joy.
— Lisette Fee
Here are the London Blue topaz talon and crow claw bridal set.

Here are the London Blue topaz talon and crow claw bridal set.

Now when it comes to custom orders I always want to err on the caution of enough time, so please do make sure when you are thinking about a custom order that you plan about 3-4 months buffer time. This gives me time to sketch and design, consult with you and then create the pieces.

Nontraditional wedding jewelry truly gives you so much more meaning and when YOU are involved in the design process it adds even more intention and joy.

I also want to add that I’ve created jewelry pieces for the bridal party. One of my clients loves amethyst so I used a small yet sizable amethyst around a simple design piece so that each member of the party felt the appreciation of the bride. I’m more than happy to work around your budget and style - as long as it’s within the realm of Eilisain jewelry.

How cute is this couple?! They got engaged two years ago over the holidays.

How cute is this couple?! They got engaged two years ago over the holidays.

Longtime Eilisain Jewelry customers Zach and Maggie got engaged a year ago and Zach had begun the custom order process well in advance to prepare for his proposal. I was so very honored to create the Brigid bridal ring that has cat claws clutching a herkimer diamond. There they are above celebrating. Somedays I honestly can’t believe I get to create jewelry for couples in love!

Wedding season is just around the corner, and I’m here for your BADASS jewelry needs! I’m available for in person consultations, phone calls or emails. Here is a handy form to help you in the process.

It's a clean slate

Lisette Fee

I'm so pumped for this year, it is one of the reasons why I love to the start to the New year, beginning anew. 

Maybe it's because I'm coming off from a relaxed time at my parents house this past weekend during New Years or that I've got new stones in the studio to play with.  Either way, I'm ready to take on this year with new projects, goals and plans. 

Goofing around in my studio during my shoot with Aileen.

Goofing around in my studio during my shoot with Aileen.

Albeit even with a sweet almost-toddler, she's now 9 months old! I know deep down that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to, it just takes careful crafting of time and balance.

Some of my plans for this year I want to share with you. 

  1. Create a new collection! Hint, hint if you've seen some of the new pieces I've been posting on instagram with the Ondine element you'll see where I'm headed.
  2. Create a program for YOU to recycle your old metal (aka silver and gold - no bronze tho) that way we can recycle and reuse.  still working on this but stay tuned.
  3. Share more stone magic with you and how to incorporate your jewelry not just in your outfit but in ritual and mindfulness.
  4. Streamline my in studio processes, so that I'm more efficient and spend less time on repetitive tasks.
My biggest goal is to make it easier and more informative for you to shop on Eilisain Jewelry. I want you to be involved in the experience and it be customized to you!
Trunk Show49.jpg

Every year I learn so much about how I want to run my business and where I want it to go, and what I've learned mainly from 2017 is that cultivating relationships with my customers/friends creates such a happy and positive experience for both myself and you.   Especially with those that are local. 

As always thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more!

A red, red rose

Lisette Fee

Who doesn't love roses? Speaking of which, I need to buy some soon.  I love having flowers around, it's just calming.  And I'm lucky that with our new house we have rose bushes by our front door entrance. 

Spring is just around the corner, and with that comes all the gorgeous blooming, freshness that we've come to expect.  And that also means Valentine's Day and Wedding season!! Yes, yes, valentine's day is VERY commercialized, I know, but in defense it's honestly fun to share love and appreciation for people you care about - not just partners. 

I just participated in my first bridal show last weekend, and it was SO much fun! It was an indie show meaning - alterna - not your typical bridal show (which I'll be honest I've never been to one, but I know it wasn't as cool and hip as this one).  The Bourbon Bridal show featured vendors that aren't your typical bridal fare, run of the mill.  Participating in the show makes me want to get married all over again!  And I'm happy to say, the organizers of the show will be doing it again - biannually.  

It did get me thinking about all the times I have made rings and jewelry for weddings over the years and it is such a special treat! My first was back in northern Virginia when I was just beginning my education in jewelry, i was commissioned to make earrings and necklaces for the bridesmaids of my coworkers.  I made delicate dangle earrings with grey and blue crystal beads almost mimicking grape vines. 

With that said, I want you to know that I'm here for you for your wedding and Valentine's day needs - but if you are planning to order jewelry please ORDER now, so we can get it to you in time!  And I do love doing custom orders, we can select a special stone, setting and finish for your piece. 

Take a minute and watch one of my favorite videos of the Brigid Bridal Collection - super romantic, dreamy and lovey-dovey (I'm a die hard romantic, can't you tell?)

The Brigid Collection is not just a bridal collection but jewelry that is for lovers and dreamers; these pieces are romantic and fulflill that part in all of us that believes in everlasting love. The collection is named after the Celtic Goddess Brigid, she is also known as the triune patron deity of healing, smiths and fertility and poetry.