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A red, red rose


A red, red rose

Lisette Fee

Who doesn't love roses? Speaking of which, I need to buy some soon.  I love having flowers around, it's just calming.  And I'm lucky that with our new house we have rose bushes by our front door entrance. 

Spring is just around the corner, and with that comes all the gorgeous blooming, freshness that we've come to expect.  And that also means Valentine's Day and Wedding season!! Yes, yes, valentine's day is VERY commercialized, I know, but in defense it's honestly fun to share love and appreciation for people you care about - not just partners. 

I just participated in my first bridal show last weekend, and it was SO much fun! It was an indie show meaning - alterna - not your typical bridal show (which I'll be honest I've never been to one, but I know it wasn't as cool and hip as this one).  The Bourbon Bridal show featured vendors that aren't your typical bridal fare, run of the mill.  Participating in the show makes me want to get married all over again!  And I'm happy to say, the organizers of the show will be doing it again - biannually.  

It did get me thinking about all the times I have made rings and jewelry for weddings over the years and it is such a special treat! My first was back in northern Virginia when I was just beginning my education in jewelry, i was commissioned to make earrings and necklaces for the bridesmaids of my coworkers.  I made delicate dangle earrings with grey and blue crystal beads almost mimicking grape vines. 

With that said, I want you to know that I'm here for you for your wedding and Valentine's day needs - but if you are planning to order jewelry please ORDER now, so we can get it to you in time!  And I do love doing custom orders, we can select a special stone, setting and finish for your piece. 

Take a minute and watch one of my favorite videos of the Brigid Bridal Collection - super romantic, dreamy and lovey-dovey (I'm a die hard romantic, can't you tell?)

The Brigid Collection is not just a bridal collection but jewelry that is for lovers and dreamers; these pieces are romantic and fulflill that part in all of us that believes in everlasting love. The collection is named after the Celtic Goddess Brigid, she is also known as the triune patron deity of healing, smiths and fertility and poetry.