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Stone cold love


Stone cold love

Lisette Fee

I recently had one of my friends solicit advice for warding off anxiety and stress.  Luckily I had my handy Gem and Stone book by Jen Altman.  Labradorite seemed like a perfect stone to aid her in calming her nerves and keeping her safe from negativity. 

One of a kind pendant with one of the prettiest labs I've worked with. 

One of a kind pendant with one of the prettiest labs I've worked with. 

And it had me thinking how could I help you and my other friends with their own ailments or everyday worries.  So I recreated a chart from Jen's book on stones for every zodiac sign. This can be a good reference for you when thinking about your own personal attachment to certain stones or researching them. 

I'm a Pisces and it makes total sense that I've always been attracted to amethyst, I love that purple color!!

I hope you enjoy and use this reference guide, and research more about your stones and how they can aid you.  I think right now, many of us can use that self care and inner reflection.