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Why you need less jewelry

Lisette Fee

Yes and yes I actually wrote that! You may be thinking, but Lisette you SELL jewelry why would you tell us we need less jewelry?  I'll tell you why.

Last week I watched this documentary about minimalism and about living with less 'stuff' and it resonated with me.  Over the course of the past years I've been trying very hard to be more ethical in all aspects of my life.  Whether it be through my eating or what I buy for my home.  With that said, I'm a firm believer that it's so much more worth it to buy good quality products regardless of the cost.   So thus, purchase less but make investment purchases.

With that said, you do need MORE jewelry that is better made and less jewelry that won't serve you or isn't something that you aren't madly in love with.  I want you to INVEST in good and beautiful jewelry.  Adornment that is going to make you feel good every time you put it on.  That is the most important aspect, that it makes you feel good and empowers you. 

Thus, I urge you to wait and bide your time and money until you can really purchase that dream ring or bracelet.  I know many of you have told me that, and you sock away your hard earned money until you can buy your dream piece of jewelry.  And I suggest you apply this to all of your purchases.  In the long run you'll be much happier. 

As always, thank you for reading!

Love & Light - Lisette