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How to solve this giant jewelry problem

Lisette Fee

Copy of a fresh bed of tips and tricks.jpg

As a jeweler, I often get asked many questions that are quite simple or even insider secrets that not many people know about.

So read on because I’m about to share some BIG secrets and solutions to many of your jewelry problems.

  • TAKE OFF YOUR jewelry! Let me say that again, take it off DAILY. Yes, you love those earrings, but do you know what builds up between skin and jewelry? You don’t want to know. So take my advice, take off your jewelry and create a special space for it. I put jewelry dishes all over my house to hold my studs, rings and more.

  • Have your highly prized, family heirlooms and wedding rings cleaned professionally and do it twice a year. I worked at a jewelry repair shop and let me tell you, that a good steam and soak in the ultrasonic cleaners at a repair shop will have your jewels looking BLINGED OUT!

  • Create spaces to hold and display your jewelry. I keep pretty little dishes in my bathroom, bedroom - everywhere to hold my sacred jewels.

  • Save the cheap stuff for your children or teenagers. Honestly, some of the mass marketed jewels are made with lead in China. I know it’s SO tempting but at the end of the day you want your jewelry to last and not kill you slowly.

  • SAVE and mail out gold and silver jewels you no longer want and get cash from them. I do it often with all my scrap metal. Don’t take your jewels to a pawn shop, they won’t give you the full amount of what your jewelry is worth. My favorite refinery is Hoover & Strong. click the link to learn more.


So there you have it, my INSIDER secrets and tips on jewelry. I hope they help you and pass them on! We all need that one friend that saves us time and money right?

Thanks so much for reading and coming with me on this journey called life. And if you want to learn more secret ways to care and save on your jewelry, click the link below and sign up for my email list. You’ll get 15% off your next order too.

Revisiting the Vespa Collection

Lisette Fee

Over the past seven years I’ve been pretty consistent in creating two collections or sometimes one collection of jewels a year. And since the beginning I’ve had friends and long time customers tell how much they loved my Vespa Collection.

The Vespa Collection was inspired by the wasp nest and it’s geometric shape. Now, you know my jewelry is very much inspired by animals and the natural world and I tend to use more organic looking shapes versus geometric so this was a bit of a departure to create jewels with more defined edges. However there was a nice combination of both.

I truly enjoyed making this collection because I didn’t use any ‘cast’ elements, meaning any talons or claws. As much as I love them, it’s fun to switch it up. I especially loved using warm honey colors like citrine, gold druzy and other druzy stones. AND the best part is the fantastic shape of the ring, a five sided pentagon with a ring in the middle. I’m quite proud of that design and I love how different it is for a ring shank.

How dreamy is this shot of my Vespa citrine earrings???!!

How dreamy is this shot of my Vespa citrine earrings???!!

I’ve decided to re-introduce the Vespa Citrine ring as I’ve acquired new citrine stones. That’s the trick is finding the right stones, it can be incredibly difficult to find the right stones especially when you can’t go to all the fun gem shows (one day)!

I’ve only got TWO stones for this ring. I’m working on acquiring more stones but for now I expect an all out panic, just kidding, in snapping up this fabulous ring.

Don’t worry friends, I’m on the look out for more faceted citrine stones and if you have your own or find some contact me! Let’s work together.

Vespa pendant.jpg