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Oil is good for you


Oil is good for you

Lisette Fee

Okay not as in the oil in the ground kind (cause that's bad), but natural vegetable type oils.  Over the past year I'd say I've become a big fan of using oils instead of lotions for my body and my food.

It first started with one of my cousins in Panama telling me she uses olive oil as a body moisturizer, which I liked the idea because I love olive oil on almost everything.  Then I found a lovely coconut oil serum for my face which felt decadent! Thus began my obsession.  Just yesterday I purchased a new oil for my collection, this one is an amaranth body oil, it's so pretty with floating flowers in it.  And not just with oils but honestly most of the bath products I use are homemade/handmade (other than my shampoo and conditioner). 

This also leads me to highlight one of my favorite small business and handmade organics for skin, body and hair.  Priya means Love,  I met the owner, Priya Narasimhan two years ago at the Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia.  For some reason I got a terrible sinus infection the first day of the show and I could not stop blowing my nose, it was awful as I had to also interact and talk to customers.  Lucky for me, Priya was there were her amazing sinus vapor balm that helped calm my sinus'! There wasn't much medicine that helped that day other than her product.   Ironically enough, just one month ago I did another show in DC and Priya was my neighbor!! I was so excited because I honestly love her products, and she's also a lovely person - gorgeous might I add, I'm envious of her beautiful hair and skin! 

The last day of the show, we traded products (amazing perk of working craft shows) and I'm in love with her Deep Radiance Face cream, once again, I feel like a goddess when I use natural and handmade products.  It's a lovely scent and glides on my skin.  Seriously I can't rave about her products enough!

I even gave one her gift sets to one of my friends and she loves it too.  So if you're like me and you love natural body products AND supporting small business - I highly recommend Priya Means Love products.

Gorgeous gift set - perfect for the holidays!

Gorgeous gift set - perfect for the holidays!