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5 Easy holiday handmade gifts you can make


5 Easy holiday handmade gifts you can make

Lisette Fee

Several years ago, when I first moved to North Carolina, I started school and didn't have much money for extravagant gifts.  I also wanted to make gifts that were personal and usable.

Thus began my foray in homemade/handmade holiday gifts.  And to be honest, I do think they were quite appreciated!

So here is a quick and easy list of items you can make to give as gifts, small gestures of thanks this season:

1.  Terrarium - This is my favorite one! And it lasts all year round.  You can easily purchase or reuse glass bottles, gather moss, small momentos to put in it (faux flowers or cranberries).  It makes a great addition to a work space or bathroom.

2.  Scented sachets - This is another super easy and special way to bring fragrance and warmth in a home.  Use old rose petals, lavender and other herbs and scented and dried flowers and put them in a handsewn or pre-made baggie.  Tie it with a ribbon and you're done!

Lavender sachet - so pretty and calming!

Lavender sachet - so pretty and calming!

3.  Baked goods - Of course this is an easy and very popular one for the holidays.  I love gifting homemade cookies and bread to the people that service me every year - the mailperson, the post office workers, UPS delivery people, bus drivers etc.  This was instilled in me from a young age by my mom.  If you treat others with gratitude it will return ten fold.

4.  Spiced orange pomander balls - Can you tell I love fragrant objects? Ha! So use a corner of the citrus zester to make a few designs in the skin of the orange. Poke a row of holes in the orange with a tooth pick and push the cloves into the pre-made holes. .You can really make any design you like on the oranges.

5.  Mini-tool box from Altoid tins- I saved the best for last, this is such a cool and great idea! Here is the direct link to the instructions.  You'll have fun and it's something everyone could use.